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Top 4 Reasons You Should Go On A Bellarine Peninsula Wine Tour

Bellarine Peninsula wine tours are arguably the most popular of the three wine regions for people to choose, but why is that so? Is it something to do with the wines available for tasting or is it the wineries and the experience they provide?

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The Bellarine Peninsula wine region is considered to be of a maritime climate, with the ability to produce some of the countries most excellent examples of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir these are also the two main varietals used in sparkling wine production so you can expect good things here too.

Other grapes that thrive are Pinot Gris / Grigio, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc also shows very well within this region. If cool climate Shiraz is your thing then expect good things with the Shiraz on the Bellarine. As with most cool climate Shiraz the peppery spice and all things nice tends to shine through – YUMMO!

“Do yourself a favour and book a winery tour with Wilson’s wine tours! Had such a me

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With 25 years of wine industry experience here are my top five reasons why you will love a day out exploring the Bellarine Peninsula wineries with Wilsons Wine Tours.

  1. Proximity – keeping things simple on the day is what we love to offer our clients and when you are not stuck in the vehicle for 20 minutes traipsing between wineries it gives you more time to taste the wine rather than sitting in a vehicle being driven There is the exception to this rule as well. As with all our Bellarine wine tours, we like to customise the day to your requests, and if you want to visit particular wineries that are a bit more spread out, we don’t mind, rest assured we will get you there.
  2. Quality Wine – we are wine lovers too (not just drivers), in fact, we even have an online store which is our sister company BLOCK78. We love nothing more than listening to your favourite styles of wine and being able to recommend and encourage you to try specific wines on the day. Most of the wines we have, naturally, it was part of our research before launching our Bellarine Peninsula wine tours. We know the region, and we know the wineries that produce some of the highest quality examples of what has already been mentioned above.
    1. We seek quality wines when going out on a winery tour – I would expect nothing less from our clients, and the Bellarine Peninsula delivers.
    2. There are several 5 Red Star rated wineries on the Bellarine and this also a sure sign of quality wine
  3. The Experience – there is no doubting that some wineries continue to do this better than others, but for the most part and what we believe is right is that it is all about the experience. The wineries on the Bellarine Peninsula get so many wine tourist people coming through that most of them have harnessed this ‘create the right experience’ for the people mentality. When you go to the wineries that we suggest, it is generally because these wineries are providing what we feel is the best experience. And you when you a great experience at a winery, you have a great day!
  4. The Views – without a doubt Bellarine Wine Tours are the most stimulating to the sense. Sure the nose and mouth get a bit of workout with the wines, but the eyes also get treated with the views. Jack Rabbit, Terindah Estate, Bennett’s, Bellarine Estate, Scotchman’s Hill are a few of the wineries that provide some excellent viewing from where the wine is being poured.

“If you’re looking for a great day out with a Geelong wine tour, there is no other option but Wilson’s Wine Tours!! The impeccable service and true genuine heart that was put into our day to make it memorable was nothing short of spectacular…David you are one of a kind, and we thank you so much for such a great wine touring experience… thumbs up all around!!! Knowledge, class, and ambience made our day very special:) Will definitely book again and spread the word!!” Jessica – Google Review

As mentioned earlier, we are wine lovers too! We love the fact that we get to meet fellow wine lovers. We also love that fact that we get to share our wine knowledge with our clients and as experience shows, clients have a great day when they feel they are well informed and have discovered some newfound insight to the Bellarine Peninsula, the wines and also a little bit more about their taste for wine.

A wine tour on the Bellarine Peninsula is a sure way to have a fun day out with friends and family, we a ready to host you – so ‘Come Out and Play.’


Or call me directly –  David on 0405 173736

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