Different Types of Wine

Wine is amongst the most complex, diverse and nuanced drinks you can ever find. In fact, the world of wine can prove to be quite overwhelming and also intimidating to a newbie. You will come across so many brands and bottles that you may find it confusing where to start from. To make things easier for you we shall classify the different types of wine into five main categories and also help you know about their main characteristics.

1. White Wine

Most of you may feel that only white grapes are used to make white wine but they can actually be black or red grapes. To make this type of wine, the red pigments are extracted away and only the grape juice is used. White wine usually will offer you flavor character including savory, creamy, and white depending on the inputs.

They can be crafted in either sweet or dry type and can range from floral to fruity, sweet to spicy, and creamy or rich. The famous grape varieties in this category include Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc.

2. Red Wine

Red wine is produced in a way similar to that of white wine but here the grape skin, seed, and grape hip are also added during the fermentation procedure. A higher temperature is used to ferment this wine.

This type of wine can be created in different styles with a fuller body to lighter body profiles, and with different palate profiles that can be anywhere between sweet to dry, spicy and savory or fairly fruity. Most of the popular red wines are made from Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet, Cab Franc or Shiraz grapes.

3. Dessert Wine

There is not any constant definition for Sweet or Dessert wine mainly because of its characteristic sweetness and the way it is served after meals and together with desserts.

Dessert wines are made using white or red wine grapes and their higher residual sugar levels are because of frozen grapes, botrytis, or fortification. Though mostly served with desserts, in some countries like the United Kingdom sweet white wine is had as an aperitif and sweet red wine as a palate cleanser.

4. Rose Wine

Rose wine has a beautiful pink rose color and is made using black or red grape and has a short fermentation time of about only 12-36 hours. There is yet another way this rose wine is made and that is simply by blending white and red wine together. The flavor of rose wine ranges from sweet to dry, has a lower tannin level, and is dark pink to pale pink in color.

5. Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines and champagnes are a popular kind of wine as they instantly remind you of celebration’. Made from white and red wine grapes, sparkling wines can be red, white, or rose. The bubbles that you find in this type of wine come from the second fermentation process wherein carbon dioxide bubbles are captured under sustained pressure.

Sparkling wines can be quite sweet to ultra dry and slightly fizzy to bubbly with a spectrum of aroma and colors that can range from fruit-filled to floral and creamy buttery to fresh-baked bread tones.

Identifying a wine will surely be a lot easier for you now. However, you need to taste all of them at least once to find out which is the one that tantalizes your taste bud best and thus becomes your favorite for any occasion.

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