Eastern Beach

Geelong, Victoria has its popular beach along Corio Bay called the Eastern Beach. It provides great swimming and recreation area.

Why Choose Eastern Beach for Recreation?

Eastern beach does not just offer fun and enjoyable facilities or amenities, it also is very safe for children. A family friendly destination, indeed.

Things to Do in Eastern Beach


You can have a family picnic or picnic with friends at this scenic place. If you enjoy a great food, with great company on such a nice place then Eastern Beach is a major go-to destination. There are tables available for picnics. If you choose to be more traditional, you can bring some rugs to just sit on the grass.

Playground Activities

With such good place, a playground is also available for kids and kids at heart to enjoy. What could be more exciting than this for kids who want to enjoy? Stairs, slides and so much more are available for kids to enjoy.


Swimming can be done almost at any beaches. But, why choose Eastern Beach? Eastern beach has a swimming pool that can cater lots of swimmers. This is especially designed for children with only 60 cm to 1.2 meters deep. Also, the swimming area by the beach is fully shark proof through the Art Deco boardwalk. This can host about 10,000 swimmers and beach goers.

Fun In the Sun

You can have fun taking pictures and having the sun hit your face. You can enjoy the view with Bay walk Bollards. You can lie on the beach for a much better sun bath.

Eastern Beach Facilities

Aside from picnic spots, there are facilities you can use for a much enjoyable visit. Refer below for more info.

Barbecue Facilities

If enjoy a nice barbecue for your picnic, look nowhere else. Eastern Beach has it ready for you.


You don’t need to worry about “call of nature” as this beach has toilets open for visitors.

Water Fountains

You can enjoy the fountains in this beach. A fountain on a beach? Yes, you read it right. It has a fountain for a more scenic feel.


You can have your favorite food or simply an ice cream to cool you off especially on hot summer days.

Changing Rooms

You can change into your swimming outfits using the changing rooms provided. You can also change into dry outfit after your swim on these changing rooms.

Tips for Your Eastern Beach Visit

• You can enjoy free parking on weekends and public holidays. Other days may require you a parking fee.

• The children’s pool is very safe for children with measurement up to 1.2 meters deep. Take note of your child’s height before allowing them to swim. Lifeguards are there watching over the children’s pool.

• Bring a sunscreen to help you protect from the sun. Also, you can bring some hat. The chairs are mostly unshaded. However, the playground is semi-shaded.

• Allow only older children to use the sea baths for safety.

• No matter how big your child is, you should not let them out your sight. This beach is very safe but additional precautions from parents will make it safer.

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