FAQ Wine Tours

  1. Yes we can, additional fees will apply $10 per pick location will apply.
  1. Once we have your perfect day planned we send an invoice so the funds can be direct deposited, alternatively we can process a credit card with no additional fees. 2.5% for AMEX.
  1. We will need at least two weeks’ notice for cancellation to get a full refund less $30 for administration fees. For cancellation under the two weeks, there is a 50% surcharge.
  1. Yes, you can, we can even provide shipping back to your home, there are additional fees for this service, and there is a minimum six-bottle requirement.
  1. No, and trust me, there are plenty of wines at each winery that you won’t need to anyway.
  1. We operate year round and have a calendar of our availability above. If there is a conflict on dates, please let us know as we can always try and accommodate.
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