Wine Tasting

Touring wineries for wine tasting can be a charming and exciting experience. It gives you a chance to experience something you don’t do on a regular basis. As such, you will want to enjoy every moment of the tour. Wineries offer a variety of sample tasting for their wines. But do you know where to taste wine in Geelong? A specialized tour company in Geelong will enable you to tour these wineries and take you to the best places to taste wine. Wilsons Wine Tours will give you a wine tasting tour in Geelong that you will want to come back to again and again. Here are a list of thisn that we pride ourselves on when delivering that experience to you.



Good communication

Listening to our client’s needs and what they want to achieve on the day is key to any successful day. We give you the attention you need, and answer all your questions pertaining the wineries in Geelong. You will be sure to learn a thing or two from our experienced and enthusiastic drivers who have a passion for wine. They will tell you some snippets about each winery in the region. In addition, they will share stories about their previous wine tasting tours. You will benefit from their vast knowledge of wine.


Familiar with the region

We understand how locating and planning for a wine tour can be stressing, that’s why our team is here to help. With the experience at our disposal, we can recommend the best Geelong wine tasting destinations of your choice. Most of our drivers are natives of Geelong and are familiar with the area. We also have close relationships with the different wineries in Geelong. We can, therefore, advise you accordingly on which wineries are worth visiting and those that are worth sampling based on your budget, and taste. Our drivers also understand the time you will take to taste wine on each winery and will be able to create a schedule that will gives you the best wine tasting experience ever.


Quality Vehicles

We have modern vehicles appropriate to the size of your party that will make your hosted wine tour comfortable and relaxing. On all our tours, you get to build a custom play list of your favourite music, be sure fill in the form prior to the tour. The buses are also very modern and comfortable to ensure you can rest and relax as we drive you to the best wineries in Geelong.


Enhanced wine experience

We are not just drivers, we are wine lovers too. We will, therefore, ensure you have an enhanced wine tasting experience that you will remember for a long time. Even though you will get notes on the wines being tasted at the tasting rooms, we will ensure you get to meet some people that are really the heart and soul of the winery too. They will tell you about their wine, giving you first-hand experience as you learn about the wineries. We also provide opportunities to learn on what to look for when sampling fine wines as well as the history. With this experience, you will be glad you travelled with us.



You get to enjoy the wine

It is obviously not recommended to drive after spending a day tasting wine. At Wilson wine tours, we will ensure we get you home safely after a great day. We believe sipping sublime wine only to spit it with the worry of driving while drunk is a waste of brilliant wine. We, therefore, give you the liberty to taste the wine knowing very well our drivers will take you home safely.


Activities tailored for every occasion

We take pride in providing a variety of fun activities depending on the needs of our clients. Whether you want to enjoy a special event like your birthday or a close family get-together, we will customize your tour to make your event memorable. Some of the activities you will enjoy include wine tasting at the best wineries in Geelong and stopovers at your favorite places. This is in a bid to make your event memorable and fun.



We have been in the wine industry for 25 years, we, therefore, have enough experience to make your wine tasting tour successful. Over the years we intend to stamp our authority as the best wine tasting tour company in Geelong. Our drivers are also professionally trained to give you the best services. They will provide you with comfortable and safe travel to your destination.

We look forward to hosting your Geelong wine tasting!

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