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Discovering Geelong’s best wineries is an adventure in itself, and it is one that we can indeed help guide you on with Wilsons Wine Tours!

If you are after a little more of a self-guided tour and want to do some research beforehand, then this is the guide that helps you get to the best wineries. Keep in mind, that 25 years of wine industry experience spanning across three countries has taught me a thing or two about wine and you can trust my judgement on this to guide you to some of Geelong’s best wineries.

First things first – the rules

Bes Winery Tours GeelongThe wineries that will make the final list are wineries that provide a cellar door experience without having to book ahead (Please note however that large groups of 7+ should always book ahead) or request the winery to open up for a tasting specifically for the arriving party.

The wineries that make the top list must also be able to provide this service year round and not just on seasonal occasions or event type days.

With this in place, you should be able to plan your visit to any of the listed Geelong Wineries and know that you are going to taste some great wine and that they will be open and ready to greet you.

The second thing to keep in mind is that not all of Geelong’s Wineries make available all of their wines when you visit the cellar door.

So the quality of wine and the customer experience is what we are writing about today.

Here is our ‘Geelong’s Best Wineries’ list in particular order and why they made it.

WINERY: Scotchman’s Hill

LOCATION: Bellarine Peninsula

WHY: 5 Red Star Rated Winery / Halliday Top 100 Winery / Open Year Round / Great Views

Scotchman’s Hill is one the more established wineries in Geelong, what used to be family owned is now owned by investors. Thankfully the investors have kept the commercialising of the brand out and maintained the quality of what they do at the pointy end. With a relatively new refurbed cellar door experience this winery makes its way to the top part of the list

The quality of wine here is top shelf. Sparkling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz are standouts, and all of these wines get great reviews and scores from the wine critics – most notably is the 2016 Scotchman’s Hill Chardonnay with its 97 point rating from none other than James Halliday. With plenty of wines to taste most people will walk away from here with a smile

WINERY: Clyde Park

LOCATION: Moorabool Valley

WHY: 5 Red Star Rated Winery / Beautiful Cellar Door / Tasty Food / Serene Views

Wine Tour

Clyde Park certainly has it’s place as one of Geelong’s best wineries for the simple fact that their premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay selections are sensational. Although not always on tasting, if you do get the chance to go through the Pinot Noir expression session by tasting through the different blocks of Pinot you will not be disappointed.

The rustic style of the winery and picturesque scenery on display makes this a favourite spot on the weekend for fellow wine lovers alike.



WINERY: Oakdene Estate

LOCATION: Bellarine Peninsula

WHY: 5 Red Star Rated Winery / Great Experience / Quirky / Great Food


Oakdene is a favourite place on our Wilsons Wine Tours – this place is ever so inviting has talented cellar door staff that know their brand and can certainly talk the talk when it comes to wine. Considered one of the better Geelong wineries for the simplistic approach to winemaking and the consistent quality of wine that is produced. Sparkling, Chardonnay and Shiraz are standouts, and the Pinot on offer here is well worth swirling in your glass to.

WINERY: Ternidah Estate

LOCATION: Bellarine Peninsula

WHY: Dark Horse winery winner / 5 Red Star Rating / Stunning Views


It would be hard to not include Terindah Estate as one of best wineries in Geelong, all of what they do is hands on even hand-picking the fruit which is timely and costly. They are one of the only wineries in the Geelong region that offers a Zinfandel. For what they are most known; that would be their Pinot Noir. I can attest to this also – it is beautiful. The stunning views over the bay complement the experience at Terindah Estate.

WINERY: Lethbridge Wines


WHY: 5 Red Star Rated Winery / Eclectic collection of wines / Purpose grown

The history of this Geelong winery is one that creates intrigue. Lethbridge was founded by scientist, and when you have scientist making wines (as winemaking in itself is very scientific), the result is a good one for any fellow wine lovers. Rae and Maree are the duos that head up this winery and the varietals that they are focusing on and at the time of writing this investing into a thought out taking into consideration soil profile, climate and anything else mother nature throws at them. The cellar door experience is always a great one, and Lethbridge wine is very deserving to do considered one of Geelong’s best wineries.

That is the list of my Top 5 wineries in Geelong, insert conjecture here. There several other wineries that provide excellent wine and winery experiences in Geelong and you just might need to get around to all of them to be able to decide for yourself.

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