Serendip Sanctuary

Located at about 60 kilometer south-west of Melbourne and about 22 kilometer north of Geelong, Serendip Sanctuary is a protected area. It is a wide sanctuary with 227 hectares land.

Overview of the Sanctuary

During the year 1959, this land has been purchased by the government. Originally, this place is used for farming. It was then converted into research for wildlife and bred endangered species. Various wetlands can be found in the sanctuary. The wetlands contain different plants.

On the year 1991, the sanctuary was open for the public view. It educates people about the environment. It also has woodlands with green scenery and an open field. The view of the Serendip sanctuary is very relaxing. There are different things you can enjoy on the Serendip.

Birdlife and Wetlands

The sanctuary is the right place for people to learn how the birds develop. It also enables people to understand the ecology of the wetlands. There are about 150 species of birds that breed the sanctuary. Some also are visitors from different hides. You can also see from meters how they feed, preen, rear young birds and even incubating the eggs. You will surely be amazed by the close encounter of different species and wildlife.

Viewing Time

You can explore this beautiful sanctuary every day. The opening starts at 8 in the morning and closes at 4 in the afternoon. The sanctuary is close only on Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Electric barbecues

Have that smoky feel with barbecues on your picnic. Enjoy a delightful dish with family and friends while educating yourselves with the wonders of nature. Don’t forget to bring your marinated meat. Your appetite will surely boost with the nature around you while you eat.

Tables and seats

They offer tables and seats for visitors to have their lunch. You can eat comfortably on the tables and chairs provided. But if you want to stay with nature, you can bring some rugs to throw on the ground. You can also sit there comfortably.

Picnic Shelter

Enjoy the day with picnic at the beautiful grassland of Serendip Sanctuary. The picnic spot can be accessed next to the carpark. Do not be afraid of the weather change. You can take shelter on the picnic shelter any time of your visit. So, no more hesitations if the weather is not so good.


You can do the call of nature any time. They have toilets for the visitors. Also, they provide access to the toilets for people with mobility restricted.

Drinking Water

Forgot to bring your water? Or, did you drink up all your water? Feeling thirsty? They have water available for drinking.

Things to Remember

There are different facilities provided so, you can enjoy your visit. But remember to take all your rubbish and trash with you. They do not provide rubbish bins. Let us all be responsible with our trash. Also, dogs and other pets or animals are not allowed inside the premises.

Follow all the guide and you will surely have a smooth visit at the beautiful and amazing Serendip Sanctuary.

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