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Ask any true lover of wine and they will tell you how pleasurable, epic, fun and entertaining wine tours are. It is an adventure of its own kind. Wilsons Wine Tours give you an exclusive opportunity not only to come to play and have fun but to learn more about wine. It will be more engaging in case you are a wine enthusiast, maker or simply want to explore viticulture. It isn’t just for the advanced wine lovers but for all those seeking to learn more about selecting and drinking wine.

Designed for all

Our Geelong tour is well organized and accessible for people in different categories. It is going to be one of those events worth remembering in life. In fact, those who’ve had the experience to tour with us in the past have wished the tour never ended. In case you missed our past tours, then this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss again.

It’s more than flexible

Our tours are fully customizable. Whether you prefer to go with individuals of the same knowledge and experience or want to accompany the expert group, it’s all upon you. The guided group will be ideal in case it’s your first time going on a wine tour. Besides, if you want a special private occasion, you can select a tour for two. Regardless of the option you choose, we guarantee it is going to be an unforgettable moment in life. Come and taste the finest wine in Australia.

We take you to the most scenic place

Since it is a heroic tour, it is your chance to surprise your loved one. Remember it is going to happen in the most romantic and scenic vineyard, so chances are you might meet other newlywed couples on their honeymoon. We let you explore a world that you’ll love soon. The scenery is quite stunning, classical and archaic. Come expecting a change in how you view the world of wine and how it is made. You might have heard all types of stories about it but this will certainly clear all the doubts.

Come and learn more!

Additionally, you will also get the chance to ask those lingering questions and get answers instantly when on this tour. There are experts who will be more than willing to teach you about wine. Expect to experience something completely unique even to the skilled eye. It will be a time not only to taste a selection of wine but also venture behind the scenes to explore winemaking, get up very close and personal with our trained winemakers.

You’ll get entertained

You will also explore the sounds of wine country and some of the greatest live music. To make it more engaging, you will get the chance to come up with your preferred playlist to make your day. This is because everything is all about getting you entertained.

Book now

Don’t let this chance slip. It is an opportunity of its own kind. Come and learn more about wine. You can do your booking now. We assure you it will be practical, memorable and amusing. Contact us for more.

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