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Do you love wine? Ever thought of going for a wine tasting tour? If you want an unmatched wine tour experience, you should definitely give Wilsons Wine Tours company a go.

At Wilsons Wine, we employ staff who are not only informed about wines, but also passionate about the subject. Our organization strives to ensure that customers have fun and memorable experiences after touring their wineries.

Visitors have the freedom of choosing either a public or a private tour. Regardless of the choice, you are guaranteed of having an experience customized to suit your taste and preferences. In fact, you have the option of creating your own music playlist.

What to Expect in Your Tours

To enhance a great experience, we have created a list of activities to complement your tour. These include:


At Wilson Wine Tours, you are spared of the hassles of creating a schedule for your wine tasting adventure. You just have to tell the experts what you want and they will create a plan to match your preference.


If you love taking beer with or after wine, this can be easily arranged. Three are several stopovers throughout the wine trail specifically designed for beer lovers.


A full day wine tasting tour can leave you exhausted and hungry. That is why we have set up the Great Ocean Road Chocolate Factory. As the name suggests, this outlet primarily deals with making chocolate, although there are several other cuisines in case you feel hungry.

The Geelong Wine Region

Overall, the Geelong area has cool climatic conditions. As a result, the region is renowned for producing high-quality, cool climate wines such as Pinot Noir, Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.

The Geelong wine trail has three wine regions – Bellarine, Moorabool Valley and the Surf Coast.


Bellarine Wine Region

This is the largest wine region in Geelong and has over 20 wineries. The best thing about this region is the close distance between the wineries. Bellarine is best known for producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the key ingredients of Sparkling Wine.

Moorabool Valley

If you love variety, this the region for you. Moorabool Valley has some of the most unique wine varieties in the world. Hover, the region doesn’t have as many wineries as Bellarine.

Surf Coast

For adventure lovers, the Surf Coast is the best choice. Wineries in this region are the farthest from each other and the climatic conditions are not so friendly. The Great Ocean Road Chocolate Factory, however, is present to take care of any hunger that arises from the harsh conditions.

How to make the Most of Your wine Tour

Pick your favorites beforehand. Tasting too many varieties is not as fun as you think.Drink lots of water. Like any other alcoholic beverages, wine is dehydrating.Spit anything you don’t like. After all, you have an array of choices.

Take Away: Here is what you need to consider

In addition to having the best wineries, we have vast experience in the industry, spanning 25 years. Most importantly, our company emphasizes on personalizing every aspect of the tour, which is why you should definitely pay us a visit!

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