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Wine Tour Plan

The wine tour is now on the trend. This is why every fledgling wine lover should take a logical step in their wine relationship. That step is none other than going on a winery tour.

If you are a wine tour virgin, it might look like a daunting task because you have too many expectations. As for seasoned winery visitors, it is important to remember what to expect as well as how to create the most memorable wine tour plan. Having said so, we have compiled a few suggestions to ensure your next wine travel turns out as expected.

1. Do Your Research

Nowadays, wineries are expanding with new ones coming up. Therefore, we recommend you to do your research before you visit. Some of the things to consider before you set out on the tour are:

i) New Versus Old

Your plan should consist of both the old wineries as well as the new ones. Make a comparison of both. This step is helpful because you might notice that some of the new wineries do not meet your expectations.

For wineries to produce their own wine, it can take years. Hence, if your plan is to tour a fairly new vineyard, ensure you contact ahead to see whether wine tasting will be part of the tour.

ii) Identify What You Prefer

There are numerous wine choices. To cut the choices down, you must identify the kind of wine you like. If you prefer fruit wines, for instance, then you should research the wineries that make them.

iii) Learn The Basics

Once you’ve identified your preferences, the next step is to shortlist the wineries. For one, you should figure out the hours of operation and when the visits will start. Learn about the cost of the wine tasting and tour as well.

2. Plan for 3-5 Stops

When making your wine tour plan, select at least 3 to 5 stops for that special day. Whether you travel with family or friends, these stops should keep your day busy.

3. Carry An Empty Bottle

When you stop at these wineries, you might like the wines that you taste. As such, you’ll perhaps have the urge to carry some. So having an empty bottle or several of them would be great.

4. Know Your Wine Tasting Expectations

Experts should explain how every wine is made before you are allowed to taste. They should explain where those grapes were grown and how the wine will smell or taste like. Actually, the experts might take you through the entire wine process.
The goal here is to prepare your mind before you actually taste the wine. More importantly, the process teaches you how to fully absorb all the wine’s characteristics.

5. Spit or Swallow

When you hear about wine tasting, what idea comes into your mind? Spitting and swallowing, isn’t that right? Luckily, this is the only moment in your life where spitting is socially acceptable. If you don’t like the wine and don’t want to drink the rest of it, feel free to spit. Alternatively, if you enjoy it, it’s all yours to drink.


Visiting wineries is one of the top ways to learn more about wine. You will not only see the vineyards, but you will speak to the producers and growers as well. Hopefully, these tips will help you to plan your upcoming wine tour experience.

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