It starts with an idea, here is what you need to know to book the best winery tour!

When you have that lightbulb moment and think ‘Winery Tours Geelong’ that is when you know you are onto the right idea – call us bias, but we love it when people have this idea.

If there is one thing, one thing only that we like to do then that is to create exceptional experiences around wine, and wine tours throughout the Geelong region are ground zero for us!

The top 5 things that make a wine tour great are:

  1. Education! Yes, that is right. Education is part of the experience, and we are not talking classroom-style training. This is winery hoping, tasting, smelling and immersing yourself and your senses in the beautiful world of wine. Can you tell we love it too? Have you ever gone out to dinner and the chef has come out and told you about the meal and made it sound so intriguing and it was that simple bit of information that made the night more of an experience than just going out for a meal? This is why when you are hosted on our Geelong winery tours you are with fellow wine lovers, not drivers – it is all about the experience
  1. What are right wineries to visit? How do you know the good from the bad? You don’t have to know that, that is our job and that is why you tour with us. For starters, we have over 25 years of wine industry experience. We have been to the wineries; we know the ones that pour excellent wines and also provide our guests with a memorable experience. Many of the wineries throughout Australia receive a rating based on the quality of wine that they produce. With a Five Red Star Rating being the highest, we know which ones they are, and we can be sure to include these wineries on your day [more info on wineries here]
  1. What is included in your package? Most operators are transparent with this information, and they should be too. So some things to consider for what’s included in your price.

a. Pick up and drop off at your location or an agreed location

b. Lunch (also with lunch make sure you have the option to choose if you so desire)

c. Tasting Fees if any

d. Water and Snacks provided

e. What time do you start and finish

f. How many wineries will you visit for the day

  1. Be relaxed and have fun. As silly as that might sound it is the essence of how we run our wine tours. If our clients are enjoying the experience of a particular winery, then we don’t like to rush them of to another winery for what might be an underwhelming experience. For larger groups, however, it is essential to try and stick to a schedule, and in most cases, your party will be booked in, so you get a priority position at the tasting room when you show up.
  1. Ask lots of questions! Not too sure what questions to ask? That is where our expertise lies also. We don’t mind playing devil’s advocate on our winery tours. If a winery is going off on a tangent about the oak that is being used it is isn’t making much sense why they are talking about this then that is where we can help by asking the question or even giving you a little more information in a different way that might make a little more When you ask questions at wineries, keep in mind the people serving the wine love to talk about the wine and the more interest you show, the more they will show you in. They love what they do, and they too are trying to create a memorable experience, don’t be afraid to make them earn it!

So for all things related to Winery Tours in Geelong, keep us in mind when booking in. We keep it simple, fun and informative. Our dedication to ensuring you have a great day is what we love to create, don’t be afraid to make us earn it also.

Other operators that conduct the whole winery tours thing can sometimes just be bus drivers, not us. We love wine, love talking about wine and love making sure our clients have an enjoyable experience.

To get started with the booking of your fabulous winery tour you can click the link below, fill in your details and we will be in touch with you shortly to customise and finalise everything for you.


My name is David Wilson – I am the owner of Wilsons Wine Tours, and I look forward to hosting you.

If you have any questions relating to Winery Tours Geelong, please contact me directly on the following details.

David Wilson |
0405 17 3736

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