Moorabool Ridge

23 Spiller Road, Lethbridge, Vic 3332 | Established in 1991

Phone: 03 5281 9240

If you got lost trying to find this place, don’t worry you are probably not the first. Moorabool Ridge winery is certainly off the beaten path. Personally, I feel it adds to the adventure of the day. When you pull up into the car park and walk down the path that almost doesn’t look like a path you start to wonder if you are even in the right place.

With wine, jams and oils on display for tasting you get to mix it up here. All is available for purchase too. Now, the best part about being at Mooroobal Ridge is the outdoor area and the scenery of being surround by hills, the creek down below and the sun hopefully shining on your face. Although wine consumption on the premise is still a work in progress the environment, your are surrounded in certainly beckons for it.

To keep things in the family, the wines are all named after the children; the Sofia Reserve Shiraz is the standout in my opinion, but you’ve got to try them all to work out what your stand out it. There is Oscar – Cabernet Franc Merlot, Estelle – Semillon, Cynthia – Chardonnay. With six hectares under vine, this is a small winery, but it is oh so charming.

Moorabool Ridge winery brings the adventure to any winery visit, and you will no doubt enjoy the time here, keep in mind you can order food here too, the menu is simple, enjoyable and priced to please.

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