Yes-Said-The Seal

1251-1269 Bellarine Highway, Wallington VIC 3221 | Established in 2010

Phone: 03 5250 6577

The Flying Brick Cider House is Sunday Funday to a tee; plush green lawns sweep down to the vines, plenty of outdoor settings to get comfortable and a party atmosphere that says’s “Sit down and enjoy yourself.”

Although this is the only cider house on the Bellarine, it is also home to the wines of Yes said the Seal. And these wines are some fine examples indeed.

Let’s start with the cider – The Flying Brick is named after the black cockatoo which has the unfortunate nickname of ‘Flying Brick.’ There are five different species of Black Cockatoo, the Yellow-tailed, Carnaby’s, Baudin’s, Glossy and Red-Tailed. Now, like all birds, their bones are hollow making them light weight and therefore having the ability to fly, unlike the lightweight bones of these Cockatoo’s the Cider here at the Flying Brick is not. Normally a minimum of three is on tap to try and depending on what your style is I’d suggest try a ‘Cider Paddle’ and see what all the noise is about.

Yes said the Seal – funny name, good wine! Made by the experienced and talented Darren Burke, this cool climate line up of wines are approachable and have all claimed some pretty good accolades through third party endorsements most notable is the Pinot Noir where Halliday awarded it 95 Points for the 2015 vintage.

You can’t help but have a fun time here, and this is a great place to call in for the last stop or to schedule a lunch in as their menu is delicious and designed for sharing.

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