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If there was a world power of wines, that would be Australia. And if there was a world power of winery tours, that would be us.

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Ok, so that might be exaggerating the truth a little! But the power lies in creating the best experience that we can for you and your crew!



Hello, my name is David and this will be a quick introduction so you can have peace of mind that you are booking a wine tour with the right operator.

For most of my working career, it has largely been in and around the wine industry, having had the opportunity to work for one of world’s largest wine producing companies has certainly provided me with some valuable wine knowledge. It is this knowledge that ensures you have a great day on your visit to the many wineries that make up this incredible wine region.

I’ve practically lived my life in Geelong so, I know my way around organizing a memorable and fun winery tour, whether it be the wineries on the Bellarine Peninsula, Moorabool Valley or the Surf Coast we are the ones to take you there and get you back.

Our Philosophy

Winery tours are supposed to be fun that is the bottom line for everyone or put it this way I have never meet someone that said let’s book a tour to have a boring unmemorable day. We connect the dots from the moment you jump in the vehicle to having the wine poured at the first winery.

Our wine tours are set up with the intention to provide you with something memorable, fun and you should be talking about it in a good way for days later. It is all about ‘The Experience’ we know this because we’ve seen a host of clients complete their wine tour in Geelong with us and wish it’d never end.

We provide an exciting experience for large groups all the way down to two-person for that special private occasion where ‘just the two of us’ is the perfect setting for the day.

Working closely with our clients to make sure we pay close attention to the little things, the things that you might not notice but they make us noticeable at the end of the day.

Being a wine lover means that you are not being driven around by a bus driver, but you are in the care and guidance of someone that truly wants you to have memorable experience whilst visiting the fabulous award-winning wineries throughout the Geelong wine regions.

About Our Winery Tours

Between a private and a public tour, whichever one you choose, our wine tours can be tailored to work and are equally amazing, but with different experiences.

Wilsons Wine Tours are customised to you to include everything you want in your perfect day, or peeled back to allow greater flexibility, with us you can even create your own music playlist for the day – it is all about you!


Best Wineries

Visit the best wineries that provide the best experiences. Welcome to your amazing wine tour


25 Years of Experience

Tour with a wine industry expert that has over 25 years of experience and a passion for wine


Let’s Create a Memorable Day

A fun personalised day is what you will have, let’s create a memorable day!

Package Options

Package # 1 – just the two of us $ 160pp

2 People Customized to you Visit 4 wineries

Package # 2 – awesome foursome $ 125pp

3-5 People Customized to you Visit 4 wineries

Package # 3 – the fun group $ 110pp

6-7 People Customized to you Visit 4 wineries

Package # 4 – the party group $ 99pp

8-13 People Customized to you Visit 4 wineries

Package # 5 – the big group $ POA pp

14 to 24+ People Customized to you Visit 3-4 wineries



We will customise the day to you, and we will do our best to make sure that you are only sipping on the fine wine that these regions have to offer! You can start the planning process here keep in mind our expert knowledge will be able to guide you and if you decide to leave it up to us here is what your day could look like for a party of four on the Bellarine Wine Trail.


Play Date

  • 10 AM – Pick up in and around Geelong
  • 10:30 AM – Oakdene Estate Winery
  • 11:30 AM – Leura Park Winery
  • 12:30 PM – Scotchman’s Hill (Tasting and Lunch)
  • 2:30/3 PM – Bellarine Estate
  • 4/4:30 pm return to pick up point or be dropped off locally in Geelong


For those of you that like a refreshing beer after a full day of wine tasting we can arrange to include a refreshing beer stop on the way through. Coming from Bellarine or Moorabool, the stop would be little creatures, from the Surf Coast it could be either Odyssey Tavern or Little Creatures



Great Ocean Road Chocolate Factory – we can certainly try and factor this in on Surf Coast tours. The Chocolate Factory is a great place for those looking to mix it up a little and if you want to have lunch here there a plenty of tasty options available also. Now, from a time point of view, it is challenging to get to several wineries and then out to the Chocolate factory if you a looking for a Bellarine Peninsula or Moorabool Valley tour and it is not advised as there is too much drive and not enough fun time.


the region explained

Geelong and the surrounding wine regions (Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Moorabool Valley) are considered cool climate. Now not all grape varieties will impress you with the best expression of what they have to offer in this cooler climate growing area, andyet other varieties thrive. Cool climate varieties like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris / Grigio, Sparkling and Sauvignon Blanc tend to reach the optimum level of bliss when grown in a cool climate. Scattered throughout the region, you will find an incredible Shiraz in there too.

Bellarine Wine Region

This region is the epicentre for Geelong; there are some 20 wineries in the region at your disposal, and it is an easy choice for planning a full day as the wineries are close enough together that you don’t lose much time with travel between each one. The area establishment dates back to the mid-1800’s, but from a wine point of view, the area is relatively young compared to some wine regions in this country. Wine in the Bellarine started to establish itself in the mid-1900’s, and from here the region has flourished and continued to develop. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are what stand out for me, and these varieties are used as the basis for developing Sparkling wine, so you can rest assured that you will find some exceptional Sparkling wines when you come out to play on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Moorabool Valley

Although not as populated with wineries like the Bellarine, however, if you are after a wine exploration of a different kind then you can certainly fill the day in out this way. Moorabool Valley sits a littlefurther out from Geelong, and there are several wineries on offer, you will taste some unique and not so known wine varieties which as a wine lover I can highly recommend doing this – you never know when you will stumble across you next favourite wine variety. Considered Mediterranean in climate the Moorabool Valley has plenty of wine intrigue on offer.

Surf Coast

The wineries throughout the surf coast are the most spread out, but if you are keen to explore the wineries that endure the harshest conditions then this is the spot for you! Six wineries can be a stretchfor a four-party group, but if you like chocolate, there is the Great Ocean Road Chocolate Factory that we can squeeze in on this part of the tour also. You can be sure to find some great Shiraz throughout this area and the likes of a good Pinot or two.


top tips for a great winery tour

  1. Try and stay on a schedule to get the most out of your day, this is easier with smaller groups. However, larger groups can easily fill an hour at each winery.
  2. Know what the weather conditions will be like and prepare accordingly
  3. You don’t have to try every wine – pick out your favourites and go from there. Some wineries have over ten different wines to try, visiting six wineries means a lot of wine to try.
  4. Drink plenty of water the day before and throughout the day – on some wine tours you will have the opportunity to taste 45 different wines, and that can sneak up on you.
  5. Many of the wines you taste on a winery tour are nothing short of delicious, those that aren’t so delicious feel free to spit out, there is no shame in doing so.
  6. Be sure to let us know if you have any special requirements well and truly in advance
  7. Try several wines at different wineries before you buy and speak to me about this also as I have tried many of the wines throughout the region and I will do my best to steer you in the right direction where you get the best wine for you hard earned dollars.
  8. Have fun!

Geelong Wineries

A lot of the wineries are open seven days a week. However, some are not. Some wineries will charge a tasting fee; this is normally waived if you buy a bottle or sometimes a glass or even if you are having lunch at the venue. There are plenty of other wineries in the region. However, some do not even have a cellar door facility, what is listed below should help with the planning of your fun day.

Bellarine Estate Winery Clyde Park Vineyard & Bistro Bellbrae Estate
Flying Brick Cider Co Lethbridge Wines Brown Magpie Wines
Jack Rabbit Vineyard del Rios of Mt Anakie Dinny Goonan Wines
Oakdene Wines Eagles Rise (Wild Wine) Mt Duneed Estate
Scotchmans Hill Moorabool Ridge Saint Regis Food & Wine Bar
Terindah Estate Austins & Co The Minya Vineyard & Winery
Yes Said the Seal Rowsley Fault Vineyard Barwon Ridge Wines
Banks Road Vineyard Spence Wines Moshulu Estate
Basils Farm Prince Albert Vineyard
Leura Park Estate
Marcus Hill Vineyard
McGlashans Wallington Estate
Wayawu Estate
Baie Wines
Barrgowan Vineyard
Curlewis Winery
Grassy Point Wines
Ponda Estate
OPEN 7 Days Open Weekends or by app. Appointment only

melbourne & interstate people

We only do pick up from Geelong and the surrounding area, if you are visiting from interstate or Melbourne, then we can pick you up from the Geelong train stations (Geelong, South Geelong or Waurn Ponds). Alternatively, if you come across from the Mornington Peninsula or into Portarlington then ‘yes’ we can pick you up from the ferry.

what we can do for you

With so many wineries at your disposal, this is a long weekend 3-day trip to get around to all of the wineries, in most cases you don’t have three days to get around to every winery! Thankfully you will be in the hands of an expert to take you to the best ones! Our aim is to take you to the wineries that will provide the best experience and the best wines! We have taken the time to visit them so that we can understand the wines and experience that they offer. We are not affiliated with any winery, nor do we care to be, we just want you to have a fun day out!

  • Ensure a fun time
  • Customise the experience for you
  • We can cater for larger groups pending available transport and drivers
  • Take you to a lunch spot that is not at a winery; it is up to you
  • Offer a picnic style lunch; buy a bottle of your favourite wine from a tasting, sit down somewhere to enjoy the view while indulging in the delights of your Grazing Post platter – glassware provided, the platter is an additional cost TBD.
  • Send your purchased wine to you if you don’t want to carry it – minimum six bottles and additional charges apply VIC $15, NSW, ACT & S.A $20, QLD $25, W.A & TAS $40 wine will be shipped and covered with insurance.


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