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Toast to the Coast 2018 | Geelong: We can get you there!

TOAST TO THE COAST 2018 BUS FARE: $45 PER PERSON DATES: 3rd & 4th November BOOKINGS ESSENTIALS Toast to the Coast 2018 is one of the most exciting events in Geelong, especially if you are a wine lover that likes to take in the sights of the wineries all whilst sipping on some of the… […]

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Winter Shiraz Weekend 2018 icon

Winter Shiraz Weekend | Geelong 2018

The annual Geelong Winter Shiraz Weekend is nearly here!                   Where will you be going? Do you know which wineries pour the regions best Shiraz? Imagine you and your friends getting together for the Winter Shiraz Weekend and warming up in some of the most charismatic and… […]

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Things to do in Geelong in Winter | Wine Tour

Winter Warming Wine Tours Since time immemorial, winter has been the best time to take a vacation due to a number of factors. Some being just to find the best wineries and take a Winter wine tour. For all the wine lovers in the world, taking a Winter warming wine tour is probably the best… […]

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What Makes Geelong’s Signature Pinot Noir So Special?

If you love wine then you probably have Pinot Noir high on the list of your favorite profiles. Whether you are a true connoisseur or you simply just like wine and know nothing about profiles, there is no denying how easy it is to appreciate a nice glass of pinot. When it comes to Australian… […]

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Geelong and Chardonnay

Geelong is well known for the many vineyards and wine selection dating back during Victoria Gold Rush in the 1800s. One well-known variety is the chardonnay. This grape has been used to make wines for decades with many people loving the different flavours it brings. The green-skinned grape used in making white wine and sparkling wine. Chardonnay has… […]

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Ballerine Winery Trail

Wine lovers alike? If you are, you must have heard about wine tours and how amazing they are and how much fun people have on them. Well you should know about the most amazing one. Our wine tour to The Bellarine winery trail. Breathe in the fresh air of the ocean while touring the Bellarine… […]

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