You can’t scratch off a wine tasting tour when in Australia. Although you probably associate the best wine with France and Italy, Australian wine is, in fact, quite remarkable. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the region, an Australian wine tour is an experience you can’t forgo.

Wine tasting can be intimidating if you are not a connoisseur. Novices often worry that the guides will try to explain each blend using industry jargon. However, guides know how to accommodate those who may not be experts in vino. You just have to ensure you come with a learning attitude!

That said, here are five ways you can have a fantastic time while sipping wine in Australia. 

1. Don’t be shy to ask questions

Guides enjoy talking to people who ask questions because it shows interest and appreciation of their craft. Guided tours are the best place to learn more about the winemaking process and what to look for in every taste. Identifying the flavours and characteristics is difficult at first, but at least you’ll know which flavours suit your taste.

Ask more details about the variety you like and the process that created that blend. Wine producers and even vineyard owners are more than willing to share as much information as they can while you sip through the glass. 

2. Remember the wines you love

It’s easy to forget some of the blends you appreciate, especially if you taste several wine variants. You can list down the wines that you like and perhaps order a bottle of it after the tour. Taking note of the blends that appealed the most will make it easier to order a comforting glass of wine with your savoury meal.

3. Ask for the best restaurants nearby

Local guides know their region very well that you can ask them for recommendations of the best dining spots within their locality. Use their tips to find delicious food, which is best enjoyed with a sip of wine. Fortunately, some wine tasting tours also offer samples of their regional food to balance the wine’s effect. Still, local recommendations come in handy when their serving isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger.

4. Space out the wine tasting tours

Allot a substantial time gap in between tours to avoid rushing from one tour to another. You won’t enjoy the experience if you are continually worried about the time. It’s hard to appreciate the conversations with the guides if you’re already thinking about the next tour. Devote one to two hours for a wine tasting tour itself and find out the travel time between the two wineries to give you peace of mind.

 5. Try different tastes

Don’t stick with the wines that you like. Try as many flavours as you can to appreciate the differences and unearth varieties that you may end up liking. Sip white wine instead if you prefer red wine or taste the dry ones if you prefer sweet wines. 

Wine tours in Australia

Take a gander into the world of Australian wines with Wilsons Wine Tours in Geelong! These tours are flexible to suit your preferences, and they will bring you to visit nothing but the best wineries in Australia. 

If you’re looking for an Australian wine touring experience in the wineries of the Geelong region. Get in touch with Wilsons Wine Tours to book your tour today!

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