With Valentine’s just right around the corner, chances are that you might find yourself scrambling to put a perfect dinner date plan together. You’ve picked out the perfect place to dine in on Friday night, found the perfect gift to give, and put together a wonderful outfit that’s bound to make your partner swoon and get first date jitters all over again. However, but did you remember to pick out the right wine? 

If you’ve been double-thinking about getting a bottle to share on a special evening, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t cheapen yourself out and shell out a little extra for wine instead. If you find yourself stressing out over putting the most special Valentine’s Day together, let us help you out by showing why wine is a heart’s day necessity in the first place:

1. It is imperative for a perfect presentation

It should go without saying that a bottle of wine is essential in any Valentine’s dinner setup if you want the entire ensemble to look perfect. With a beautiful bottle and two glasses of red wine at the table, your dinner set up can never be any more perfect. Such a small effort with a big pay-off shows just how attentive and dedicated you are to making your partner happy.

2. It shows your level of romanticism 

Romantic books, movies, and stories never cease to include a snippet involving a bottle of wine in any setting. This is because glasses of red wine always go together with any intimate setting. Given the fact that Valentine’s Day is a time to commemorate love and deeper feelings of intimacy, it’s an absolute no-brainer that you should celebrate the occasion with a fine wine that’s just as deep, mystical, and warm as true love. 

3. It never fails to stimulate the senses of love

Drinking wine always proves to be an experience that can set anyone in the right mood and bring lovers together in harmony.

Regardless of whether you based it on science or pure feeling, it doesn’t take a chemistry degree to know that a rich and deep-flavoured bottle of wine can awaken a fiery passion of love. The ability of red wine to awaken the senses of love lies in the fact that its chemical properties inhibit the production of oxytocin, which is a component of the human body that is commonly referred to as the “love hormone.” Oxytocin plays a key role in developing feelings of intimacy and love, which are all the feelings that you should be having on Valentine’s Day! 

4. It will complete your Valentine’s Day dinner 

While we’d all like to admit that Valentine’s Day dinner can go fine with just a table of good food and great company, nothing can really bring everything together and amplify the experience better than a bottle of wine. Whether you’re having steak and shrimp, raclette, or cold cuts and cheese, a bottle red wine will make Valentine’s Day dinner truly special, as it should be. 

In spite of the fact that it may seem smooth and unassuming at first, a carefully-chosen bottle of wine is essential for anyone desiring to plan for a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner. 

If you’re looking to make your Valentine’s day extra special, book a wine tour of the wineries in Geelong region. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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