Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike will find that every state has wineries with hundreds of dining options, providing endless exploration and sensory overload. Instead of wine tasting in the comfort of a familiar setting, travelling off the beaten path to these hidden gems is an excellent way to take your love for wine up a notch.

With over 425 wineries, however, it can be difficult to navigate and decide on the perfect itinerary. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our tips that aim to help you make your next tour the best wine country getaway of your dreams. 

Tip #1: Decide on Your Wine Country

In recent years, almost every state boasts of a handful of wineries worth tasting and exploring different wine cultures. With that in mind, there’s no formula on how to decide which wine country is the best one to visit as any region can provide the same experience. 

Now, it’s all a matter of factoring in your preferred driving distance and how near the region is to your dream destination. Additionally, one of the best ways of deciding the ideal wine country for you is to determine the region’s specialty, wherein you can choose whether you fancy it or not. 

Some other factors that can make or mar your experience are the attractions, activities, restaurants, and architecture that each wine country takes pride in. If you want to have a full experience, Fall is the perfect time to visit wineries as it gives you a glimpse into the winemaking process. Summer is also an excellent season for picnicking, though winter is the least crowded and the cheapest time to visit. 

Tip #2: Determine Your Budget

It’s no secret that wineries can often be a luxurious indulgence. However, that doesn’t mean that your wine tasting trip has to burn holes in your wallet. If you’re tight on your budget, you can take the extra mile by going on a self-guided tour wherein you drive from winery to winery. Motels near wineries will be the least expensive, though you can go a notch lower by taking advantage of their midweek rates. 

This means that you only have to pay a steep tag for the tasting fee, which can range for free to $100 for premium glasses. A guided tour with a private guide will be costly as there are insurance and transportation involved, though it is often worth every penny as these tours will go deep into the winemaking process.

They can even introduce you to undiscovered wineries, making the $100 to $500 price range worth it for a full, educational, and fun experience. 

Tip #3: Prepare a List of Wine that You Like

Wineries are a place for you to expand your palette, but a list of your top favourites will be a good starting point to kick off your wine tasting. You don’t have to be too specific, but knowing some key details about your preferred wine should help your host guide you through a world of flavours that suit your taste. 

Tip #4: Figure Out How to Get Around 

If you want to maximize your day and make the most of your wine tasting, deciding on how you can get from winery to winery is crucial to your schedule. Bicycle tours are a refreshing way to travel in wine countries such as Napa Valley, though even a breath-taking scenery is not enough to make the ride easy in places with large hills. 

You can also drive around with groups as it is the perfect opportunity to get to know other wine enthusiasts, though you also have the option to take a shuttle or hire private car services. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the shuttle is the way to go as it can handle big groups and get the job done without a hitch. 

In Conclusion 

Travelling off to scenic vacation spots from different states is the perfect avenue for wine tasting, and with proper planning, it can be a full-sensory experience to remember. With that in mind, the tips above should help guide you on your first wine tasting trip and ensure your getaway weekend is as smooth as possible. 

If you are looking to book a wine tour of the wineries of the Geelong area, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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