The Forrest Brewery is short drive outside of Geelong and boasts some of the finest brews that side of Geelong! If you want to go out and explore this brewery then book in with GEELONG BEER TOURS today

Forrest Brewery

Outside picture of Forrest Brewery

After a recent trip down the to catch up with Sharon and Matt, it is fair to say that this little brewery tucked away on the edge of the Otways is a perfect little place to venture to on the weekend or for a midweek long lunch if you are feeling up for it.

The Forrest Brewery has eight beer to try (at the time of writing this) however, some of the beer is seasonal and roster of beers are subject to change. Along with being met by several delicious tasting beers, there is certainly some good old country hospitality on display.

The menu offers some hearty, soul-warming options that will have you settling in quickly for a feed. after something a little sweeter to appease the sweet tooth in you then know that the cakes on offer here a first class

Back to the Beers of the Forrest Brewing Company:

Silvertop Lager – this sits nicely in the session ale category, and being a little lower in alcohol is something I am perfectly ok with. Clean and refreshing and going down oh so nicely. Be careful with this one as you will be onto the second one before you know it.

Forrest Brewing Silver Top Lager

FBC – Silvetop Lager

Pale Ale – what brewery doesn’t offer a good pale ale? This one strike a pose of the perfect balance of dry, bitter hops and great flavour. A beer that can certainly pair well with food and it is also a beer that can go perfectly with a bunch of your mates!

Forrest Brewery Pale Ale

FBC – Pale Ale

Irish Red – this mid-strength is anything but mid-on flavour. I certainly felt like I was enjoying a full-strength beer such was the quality of this Irish Red. Some rich malty flavours exude from the glass with this one… Delicious!

Irish Red Beer - Forrest Brewery

FBC Irish Red

Pobblebonk – what the hell is Pobblebonk beer? This is certainly one of the Forrest Brewery seasonal offerings and if you are not familiar with Saison style beers then one sip of this and you will be! Two things to note here. 1. This is full strength, tipping the scales at 7%, one of these 500ml bottles and you will now about it. 2. Saison beers have a soft texture, not to confused as a flat beer, but certainly a softer texture. An array of flavours, but with a distinct orange note to it.

Pobblebonk Beer - Forrest Brewing Co

FBC Pobblebonk










Cheery Whit Beer – I am not one for a sweet drink and this is certainly not a sweet beer, but one smell of this beer and you will think you are about to suck down a delicious liquid Vanilla, Cherry ball of goodness. Loads of appeal, rich red colour to help stimulate the sensors and a just fine beer to enjoy. This is another Forrest seasonal beer

Cheery Whit Beer Forrest Brewing Co

Cherry Whit Beer










Untamed Turkey – for me it conjures up thoughts of when I used to work for Wild Turkey and some of the untamed nights we had enjoying that product. Named after the pet Turkey (Dustan), this is a classic IPA style. Full flavoured, complex and plenty of oomph sitting at 7.5%.

Forrest Beer - Untamed Turkey

Untamed Turkey Stout – Forrest Beer










Stout – this is a proper silky smooth stout, if you closed your eyes you might think it was something else when drinking it. Plenty of offer here and some classic rich, coffee, toffee flavours to provide a little soul-warming goodness for those cold winter days.

Stout - Forrest Brewery

FBC Stout Beer










Block Splitter – sounds like a beer you don’t want to mess with. Trust me, this is well worth messing with! A solid 9% imperial stout is what you will have in your hand with this beer. Again this is a seasonal offering, but if you get chance to try it make sure you do.

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