The explosion of Gin throughout Australia is one that is being welcomed across the land as we embrace this clear spirit with open arms. Long has the stigma been that Gin is an old persons drink or even worse that it causes depression.


The reality is Gin is in! As we become more educated on this spirit and in particular what is being produced here in Australia, consumers are queuing up to try new and differing styles.

Typically, Gin has been referred to as a dry style of spirit. You will often see labels displaying the term London Dry. However, here in Australia, the style being produced here is referred to contemporary, modern Australia. In other words, the gin we are producing here is a delicious new take on what has been a somewhat boring category of spirit for many years.

We are seeing Gin being produced with local and organic ingredients keeping it true to the region and displaying a truly unique and Australian Gin by design.

Our Geelong Gin Tours only have the one package to choose from, we are sure in time that will change. This current gin tour package consists of visiting three distilleries where everything from tasting fees, pick up drop off and lunch are included.


  • 4 -5 PEOPLE = $165
  • 6-7 PEOPLE = $155
  • 8-11 PEOPLE = $145
  • 13-14 PEOPLE = $135

(group sizes are minimum 4 people and limited to 14 people)

The above packages include a full day, three Gin distilleries, all tasting fees, plenty of water and snacks are also provided. Yes, lunch is also included.

On recent gin tastings, we have seen many people claim that they are not a gin drinker and after a mini master class with one of the distillers it is amazing how quickly they can become a convert to an instant gin snob and it is that moment that their gin journey begins.

When we look at the full history and journey of gin it dates to the thirteenth century where the product was called Jenever (Genever; a spirit distilled from only juniper berries). Jenever is the national drink in Holland.

Now, most of you have heard the expression ‘Dutch Courage’. When the English soldiers were sent to provide support against the Spanish (in 1585) it is said that they were given amounts of jenever for its calming effects before going into battle – hence the term Dutch Courage.

By the mid-17th century and after Jenever had been now distilled with other ingredients and some of the other ingredients being used for their medicinal reasons it was now being sold in pharmacies where it was sold to treat stomach, kidney and other internal problems.

For any gin to be called a gin it must have juniper berries in there.

Gin has had a long history and survived through it all and now is it strides forward again with the current resurgence it is trending up. What is your favourite style of gin?

The distilleries we explore on the day are;

  • [Great Ocean Road Gin]
  • [Queenscliffe Distillery]
  • [The Whiskery]

Each of these places has their very own unique style incorporating local ingredients to offer you a truly signature style.

  • Great Ocean Road Gin – enjoy the drive down along the Great Ocean Road to the boutique and charming surf coast town that is Airey’s Inlet. Ann is the owner here and the stage is a welcoming area for any Gin lover.
  • Queenscliffe Distillery – from one coastal place to another situated on the water in Queenscliffe. The place has been purpose-built to provide a sensory experience from Gin, Beer, Local Wine and plenty of other imported treats to try also.
  • The Whiskery – located in the heart of the wineries on the Bellarine and a common stop on many of the [wine tours] we host. Rustic charm best describes this place and you might even get a chance to meet Teddy the dog.

On the Gin tour, you will meet the distillers and find out what motivates them to curate and distil a gin that has their heart and soul go into every drop that is produced.

You will never meet a distiller that goes out there to make a bad product and when you meet the people behind the brand I guarantee you that you too will have a sense of ownership and pride about the Gin on offer here in Geelong.

With six to eight gins to try on the day, the hardest part for you will be deciding which Gin is your favourite new style, which Gin you want to share with your friends and which Gin you want to save for a special occasion.

Many of these gin distilleries are small batch and only producing for a local market with very little being sent anywhere else but here in Australia.

On the day you will be able to purchase any of the gin that you try, and you will be able to as I like to say enjoy the memory later again that evening.



To truly explore and immerse yourself in the Gin world, we encourage you to come out and explore a Gin tasting throughout the Geelong region. Take in the sights and delight your senses and we look forward to seeing you on the bus.

If you would like to get in contact with us to find out more about your next Gin, Wine or Beer tour please find our contact details on the website and let us know how we can help you have a great day out with your friends and family.

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