Autumn welcomes the wine harvest season, which is also the best time to conduct a wine tasting tour. Connoisseurs begin packing their bags and visiting the best wine travel destinations to taste new blends. However, if you don’t have the time or the resources to make an overseas trip, you can always visit the nearest distillery in your area. 

Wine tasting tours can be intimidating if you are not an expert because the tour guides may use many wine jargons. It’s also uncomfortable to be the only person who doesn’t have an idea about wine among wine enthusiasts. However, you don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy a tasting tour. 

That said, here are five ways to help you make the most of your wine tasting tour. 

1. Do not be afraid to ask

Guided tours are the best place to ask questions about winemaking and proper wine tasting practices. Don’t have the mindset that everyone else is an expert except you. Guides will enjoy getting questions because it means that you value their craft.

Don’t feel bad if you do not enjoy every flavour. When you find a blend that you love, do not hesitate to ask the guide or the wine producers about its variety and production process. The answers will help you learn what sets this variant apart, and you can get detailed information from the guides as well.  

2. Remember your favourite wines

The flavours of these wines will blend in your tongue that you won’t know the specific blend that suits your taste. It is best that you list down the names of the wine variants you sipped of and place a checkmark beside those that you liked. That way, you’ll know which wine to order at a restaurant or which bottles to purchase after the wine tasting tour. You can even take photographs of the wine variants you love to have more than one record and to avoid depending on fading memory. 

3. Ask for recommendations on the best dining spots nearby

 Aside from asking about your favourite wine, your guide can also provide tips on the best restaurants and other attractions in the vicinity. Their knowledge of the best meals in the area will be helpful, especially after tasting various wines. You can buy a bottle of your favourite wine and consume it at a nearby dining spot. To avoid the hassle of switching places, you can go for wine tours that already include regional food tastings for lunch or dinner.

4. Space out your wine tasting tours

Make sure that there is a considerable gap in between wine tasting stops to avoid rushing from one place to another. Wine tasting is an activity that can take hours, and you won’t be able to enjoy the experience if you’re thinking of the time. Add to that the selection of bottles and other souvenirs in the wine shop, and your stay can easily stretch for an entire morning or afternoon.

5. Taste new wines

You are at the winery to taste new and unfamiliar wine. Refrain from sticking to blends you already know because you will miss out without trying other varieties. If you prefer red wine, a sip of white wine will help you change your mind about your preferences. Likewise, you can try dry wines as well if you prefer sweet variants. You won’t be back at the winery anytime soon and tasting as much as you will leave you with no regrets.

Australian wine tours

Wilsons Wine Tours in Geelong offer flexible options to suit your preferences. However, what’s certain is that you’ll visit some of the best wineries in the country. Visit their website to learn more about their tour packages and the optional Great Ocean Road Chocolate Factory trip.

If you’re looking for an Australian wine touring experience in the wineries of the Geelong region. Get in touch with Wilsons Wine Tours to book your tour today!

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