Wine is a sophisticated drink that contains an extensive spectrum of fruity, tangy, and earthy flavours. The dynamic palette tends to explode in the mouth and coat the taste buds in the most flavoursome way, especially for aficionados who do wine-tasting for a living. 

To that end, it’s essential to know the p’s and q’s in the tasting room, whether you’re new at wine-tasting or have a well-seasoned tongue in the industry. After all, it’s not always clear what to do to ace this vinous activity. With that in mind, we’re here to help you make the most of your tasty experience and help you start on the right foot with our guide to wine-tasting etiquette!


Tip #1: Make Sure to Plan Ahead to Ensure You Make the Most of Your Visit

Be sure to check out the wineries you plan to visit. An average of three to four stops are ideal, so it’s good practice to get to know each one beforehand. Take note of the wine varietals they offer, familiarize yourself with their pricing and tasting fee, and jot down details of their opening hours. 

This will help you construct an efficient game plan as well as a schedule that enables you to make the most of your visit to each winery. Planning ahead also includes keeping your sustenance up for the day. Start with a good breakfast, and don’t forget to drink a bottle of water for every glass. Not only is staying hydrated essential to your health, but it will help cleanse your palette and keep your tongue sharp for another round of wine-tasting. 


Tip #2: Feel Free to Ask Questions

The purpose of wine tasting is to delve deep into its flavours and acquaint yourself with its roots. For that reason, don’t hesitate to ask questions about your tasting room server if you want to know more details about the wine. 

They are trained to educate wine-tasters about the brand and will be happy to share information about the history of the winery, so take advantage of them as they are bursting with valuable information. 


Tip #3: Ask for a Personal Spittoon or Spit Cup and a Napkin

It can be challenging to detect the nuances of wine once you have a drink too many, so many tend to skip some selections to avoid overindulging. However, the key to wine tasting and maximizing all the flavours is by spitting the samples. 

This may seem rude, but it’s an acceptable habit for professional tasting as it allows you to relish the full flavours of the wine without compromising your sense of taste. To that end, ask for a spittoon and a napkin so you can spit out the wine discreetly. Be sure to dump it properly in a large bucket, which all tasting rooms offer and will provide. 


Tip #4: Don’t Rush to Judge

A good wine-drinking experience should involve the basics of tasting – see, swirl, smell, and sip. To that end, be sure to take at least three to four sips to fully determine the quality of the taste. It may take some time to get to know the flavours, after all, so don’t rush to judge if you want to make the most out of your visit. 


Tip #5: Do Call Ahead and Ask for Reservations

The majority of wineries are open to the general public for seven days a week. However, some are only open on weekends or by appointment. For that reason, it’s good practice to make an appointment or call the winery you intend to visit to ensure its availability. 

Knowing the proper etiquette of wine-tasting is crucial if you want to get the most from the experience. It will help provide you with the knowledge and confidence to order wine in both professional and social settings successfully. More importantly, practising proper etiquette will also influence how you will employ your sense of sight, smell, and taste to distinguish the nuances of various wines sufficiently.

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