4 Reasons Why Vineyard Visits are Better as a Group

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Visiting a vineyard is one of the best activities to try when checking items off your bucket list, satisfying your inner wine connoisseur, or looking to explore spectacular landscapes with some vino in hand. From factory experiences and field walks to wine sampling, there is a variety of different activities that you can enjoy during a vineyard visit. 

A common conundrum 

If you’ve been acting on your desires and are currently making plans for a visit to any vineyard, you’re likely to have a hard time planning. There are a few different questions that you’ll have to take into mind during the process, such as: 

What vineyard should I go to?

What time of the year is best to visit a vineyard?

Should I spend a long activity-packed day there or break it up into a two-day trip?

What option is best for my budget?” 

For most people, these questions are going to come up during the planning process. As you get deeper into the planning stage, however, there’s one question that may pose a bigger dilemma than anything else: should you get a self-guided tour or a group tour of the vineyard?

Most vineyards offer visitors self-guided tours and group tours, both of which are catered to different preferences and budgets. The truth, however, is that if you aren’t very familiar with the vineyard that you’ll be visiting, then it’s best to opt for a group tour over the alternative. 


The benefits of going for group tours

To better understand why it’s more optimal to go for a group tour of a vineyard, consider the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Vineyard group tours come with their own professional tour guide

In contrast to a self-guided tour, a group tour of a vineyard always comes with the services of a professional tour guide. This individual is well-equipped to give you an immersive experience unlike any other. A standard professional vineyard tour guide is capable of creating an itinerary that helps with giving the best experience that you can have during the time you’ll be spending with them. Your tour will likely include the following:

  • A full visit to every part of the vineyard
  • Enhanced tasting experiences
  • Hands-on activities.

Benefit #2: Vineyard group tours are much more secure than self-guided tours

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when looking at group tour options is that they come with a few add-ons that make for a safer experience overall. From professional tour guides that prevent you from getting lost in expansive vineyards to sober drivers who will take you around as you get tipsy on vino tastings, group tours are as safe as can be. 

Benefit #3: Vineyard group tours can be customized for special occasions

Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette party, or wedding anniversary, any occasion can be celebrated with style with a vineyard group tour. Instead of planning everything on your own with a higher risk of messing everything up, group tour officials will set the entire up for your celebration at a minimal cost! A wine tour can help a special occasion feel a lot more significant with great wine, impeccable planning, and an elegant vineyard experience that hits the mark. 

Benefit #4: Vineyard group tours can save you time, effort, and money

Now, it may seem like it’s much better to opt for a self-guided tour of a vineyard instead of a group tour because of the price difference, but the truth is that group tours are worth much more than their price. Unlike self-guided tours, group tours help prevent you from walking in circles when trying to find something that only a professional tour guide can spot. Having a professional with you at all times can help with preventing you from walking too much and wasting your time. 

It is also worth noting that group tours are inclusive of several expenses you’ll end up incurring either way during a self-guided tour— except that when you add everything up, a group tour actually comes off as the cheaper option! 

Should you find yourself struggling to choose between a group tour and a self-guided tour during your next visit to a vineyard, perhaps what you have learned today will encourage you to choose the former. Group vineyard tours come with a host of benefits that can be enjoyed by anyone that’s looking to have a great time while drinking the best reds and whites in the country and learning more about the craft!

If you’re looking to have an amazing group tour of the wineries in the Geelong area, get in touch with us to see how we can help!

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