Whether you are an experienced wine taster or a newbie, wine tasting events are always a great way to get yourself acquainted with wine varieties and determine what you like or don’t like. They are also a perfect opportunity to try new wines without having to spend on a bottle, only to find out in the end that you don’t like its taste. 

If you are not familiar with the whole concept of wine tasting, the entire experience can be overwhelming. That said, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your wine-tasting experience and discover a wine that will suit your fancy in an easy-going and relaxed environment.

1. Have a few bites before heading out

It is not surprising to get tipsy quickly after a few glasses—after all, wines have higher alcohol content than beers. If you know that you are going to different wine tasting venues, it is practical to eat something beforehand. Everybody loves wine but not the hangover that comes with it. So, if you plan to visit multiple wineries, you can pack some lunch or snacks to keep you going. Inebriation does not make for a thoughtful and attentive wine tasting. You wouldn’t want to pass out after the third winery while the rest of your friends are enjoying their fifth.

2. Learn the basics of a good wine

Choosing the perfect wine is pretty much subjective. A good wine for you may be a bad wine for someone. How a person defines a “good” wine is completely unique and special to them and their palate. Whether you prefer wines that are bold, delicate, tart, or sweet, there is a good wine that will perfectly fit your taste. The fundamental elements and characteristics that define each variety of wine can be helpful to remember when picking a good bottle.

  • Tannin
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness
  • Alcohol
  • Body

Everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to wine characteristics, but with proper attention to details and the right care, you can definitely find “your bottle.” There is no better way to find what’s good for you than going to wine tasting events.

3. Follow the tasting orders from winemakers

Do not feel offended when winemakers tell you to drink Chenin Blanc before your Merlot. They are not being bossy at all. On the contrary, they are only making sure that you get to have the best experience ever. There is a science behind every wine tasting sequence. These winemakers spend a lot of time mastering their craft and organizing their wine selections for optimal results. The puckery, astringent feeling or tannin caused by red wines and sugar both remain on your palate. They tend to cloud the natural taste of dry, lighter wines. It is advisable to serve delicate whites and rosés first before dessert and red wines. 

Be more open with tasting new wines. Go out of your comfort zone and let the staff show you what they get most eager about. Most wineries may offer often-esoteric and limited-production that are only available in their tasting rooms. Let the winery offer suggestions—it is encouraged if you want to have the best wine tasting experience of the day. 

Wrapping up

Wine tasting events offer a great experience to be able to get yourself acquainted with various wine flavours and aroma. It’s all about being open to options and not forgetting to have fun while doing so. If you’re looking for the best wineries to visit in Mornington Peninsula for an amazing wine tasting experience, get in touch with Wilsons Wine Tours today!

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