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Black bottle of wine and wineglass on the background of the canvas

Mmm – delicious wine!

By definition, wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice.

But we know it is much, much more than that!

The team here at Block78 have over 30 years of wine experience, sure there has been much knowledge gained about wine in this time, but the real knowledge comes from sharing wine with friends, family and our Block Crew Members.

By doing this, we are able to understand what wine really means to you or the next person.  We summarise this here at Block78 by saying;

“It really is about delivering a 15kg box of happiness”

Wine makes people happy, it creates memories (some not so good ones too), it completes the social setting, it sets the scene, it slots into any occasion, pairs with any meal, it truly is in our opinion ‘the perfect drink’.

So, it is with the intent that we strive to deliver happiness in the form of wine, it is something that our team believe in, it is part of our culture here at The Wine Bunker and it is what we love to do.

And to think that it all starts with grapes!

Grapes into glass

When we go searching for that perfect wine, you are at the forefront of our mind.  You can consider us as your well connected personal wine broker.  Your experience with us should always be as enjoyable as your next glass of wine.

Here is what some of our Block Crew Members are saying:

Skye L – 5 Stars

I love on line shopping & especially love a bargain…Got both with my Block78 order. Purchased a case of Pillar Box this morning…Glass of cab sav in the hand this evening! (Perks of living local) Yeewww

George G – 5 Stars

Thank you for the box of happiness you delivered today Block 78. I would like more happiness tomorrow too please! Seriously you guys rock. Like hardcore rock!

Cassie E – 5 Stars

With such great service and friendly delivery, Block78 is my go to wine store

Peter D – 5 Stars

Great wine recommendations. Really good prices too. Thanks for the advice Dave! Quality!

Micheal M – 5 Stars

Simply amazing wines and great friendly service. I’ll definitely return for some more fine wine Thank you

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