Whether you are a beginner or an expert wine connoisseur, going on a wine tasting tour is something that will leave you with many good memories. Imagine being able to swirl some of the best and authentic wines in your glass while looking over a serene and lush vineyard. 

There are various wineries that you can visit, and most of them offer wine tours that allow you to have a first-hand experience of how wines are produced. When going on a wine tour, not only will you discover more information about wines, but also have an opportunity to meet new people. Plus, there is a bonus of taking home a bottle at a lower price (sometimes even for free, if you are lucky).

Other than the reasons that have been stated above, here are four reasons wine tasting tours are beneficial for you:


Discover good wines

A wine tour is a great learning experience. Most wine tasting tours feature varieties of wine made from locally grown grapes in the vineyard and handcrafted to perfection. In a wine tasting tour, you will learn how to determine different flavours, learn how to balance and structure, and learn how each one is processed. 

During wine tasting tours, your taste buds will be able to experience a plethora of aromas and flavours. That said, the next time you go to a supermarket or visit a restaurant, you will know the different types of wines offered on the menu. 

When going on a wine tasting tour, have an open mind. Just because you love a certain wine, doesn’t mean that it will be the only one you will taste. Try all the varieties offered so that you can compare various flavours. Think of flavours in terms of bitterness, sweetness, fruitiness, and acidity. 


Gain new acquaintances

Opportunities to meet like-minded individuals are something irreplaceable. Sometimes, professionals use events like wine tasting tours as networking opportunities. Wine tours offer the chance to gain new acquaintances that could eventually blossom into a friendship or even something more. There isn’t a better way to celebrate the start of a great friendship than through a glass of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir at a wine tour.


Learn wine and food pairings

Perhaps you have recently discovered how cheese goes well with a glass of wine, or maybe you have already known that wines with higher acidity are best paired with greasy food. While food and wine pairings may not be an exact science, wine tasting tours will help in giving some tips about which wine is best paired with which food. 

If there is a certain wine you fall in love with during the tour, make sure to ask what certain type of food is best paired with it. Hence, the next time you are at a fancy restaurant, you will be confident knowing that you chose a perfect complement with your meal.

Memorable Experience

With friends, food, and fine wine to go along with it, wine tours make for an enjoyable and memorable experience. Also, the added knowledge and insights you will get from these tours will help you in avoiding that wrong choice of picking up a bad wine at your next dinner party. 

Wines are more than just a drink. Tasting it the right way is a science, something similar to art. King Edward VII once said, “one not only drinks wine; he smells it, observes, tastes and sips it, and finally talks about it for a long time.”

If you’re looking to go for a wine tasting tour in the wineries in the Geelong region, get in touch with us and book your tour today!

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