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What the hell is that? Well we went into ‘think tank’ overdrive for this one.

Our research lead us believe that 100% satisfaction is the way to go, we just wanted to change the word up a little.

Now rest assured you wine aficionados we don’t buy what we wouldn’t drink so we will not be selling anything that doesn’t get through our refined palates, but if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we will sort it out at no cost to you, you will even get your $9 bucks back for delivery.


As we embrace responsible consumption we will allow a refund after the purchase date of up to six months, please ensure you store your wine correctly as this can affect quality and block78 is not liable for poorly stored wine

Email or Call 1300 036 046 to have a blockcrew member address this issue.

– We will organise to have the case of wine picked up at no charge to you. The box must be the original box and in good condition, similar to what you received it in.

– Once the case arrives back to us we will process the refund.  Please allow sufficient time to for the stock to be returned and bank processing turnaround times.  The whole process could take 15 business days.

– The moment you are not satisfied please contact us, it will not be refunded if the box is empty or any more than two bottles have been consumed.

– Alternatively you can be offered another wine as a replacement

Please note:  The ‘wine-o-faction’ guarantee is not to be abused; it is there to provide peace of mind that if there is a concern you know we will take care of it for you.  We reserve to the right to refuse where necessary.

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