A Quick Guide for Making Memorable Wine Tour Experiences

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With a history that spans millenniums and a key role in some of the greatest empires, wine has established itself as a symbolic drink that goes far beyond merely being fermented grape juice. This is why wine plays a significant part in cultures all over the world and even helps dictate the way we feel, act, and speak all at the same time.

Apart from history books and mythical tales, however, the great history of wine and its essence as a drink of life can also be understood on a deeper level through a memorable wine tour.

Why memorable wine tours are experiences worth taking

Going on a wine tour is a unique experience that helps any wine connoisseur knows the very drink itself and the entire process that creates millions of bottles every year.

As opposed to the mere task of choosing a bottle out of the bunch, going on a wine tour entails being exposed to the processes and tasks that go into creating each bottle of red or white. From grape selection to the ageing process, going into the entire experience of a wine tour creates an opportunity to appreciate every glass on a far deeper level.

Aside from the entire viewing experience, however, going on a wine tour also means that you’ll be able to enjoy an exquisite wine tasking that provides deeper insight into the different forms of preparation and ingredient variations.

How to make your next wine tour experience memorable

Now that we’ve got the entire aspect of why you should go on a wine tour, we’ll share more on how you can make your upcoming wine tour much more memorable.

Once you’ve moved all your schedules aside, picked a perfect date, and made your reservations at your local wine tour (such as Geelong’s finest over at Wilsons Wine), here are two ways you can make the experience more enjoyable:

1. Pick the type of tour that you’d like to go on

An important tip that can help elevate your wine tour experience is choosing the right type of tour that best suits your tastes and preferences.

For instance, Wilsons Wine’s “Just The Two of Us” wine tour is much more perfect if you’re looking to take your special someone out to a more intimate tasting and learning experience. On the other hand, if you’re a startup and want to take your staff on a well-deserved vacation out in Geelong’s vineyards, then “The Party Group” tour package will definitely suit your needs.

2. Research on what region best suits your needs

One of the most important factors to consider when putting the perfect wine tour experience together is that you can choose the particular region that you’d like to visit. Wilsons Wine tours, in particular, have 36 different winery locations across the Moorabool Valley, Surf Coast, and Bellarine Peninsula regions that you can choose from when customizing your entire package!


Putting the perfect wine tour experience together is all about making the necessary preparations in the days or weeks leading up to the event. This is especially true when it comes to choosing where you’d like to go and which tour option best fits your preferences.

If you’re looking for a tour of the wineries in the Geelong region that’s unlike any other, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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