Whether you’re a novice or connoisseur, enjoying a good glass of wine is one of the most sublime pleasures in life. It can offer a taste of luxury in various ways as the world of wine tasting involves exploring the nuances that quality wines express.

The world of wine is a colourful one as it holds a rich history that spans continents and centuries, but the complexities can be overwhelming for those who are just about to start. However, taking the time to understand wine will unlock ways to help you determine subtle flavours. Knowing the little details can make wine taste better, which enhances the overall experience.


Wine tasting can be complicated as the experience is mostly subjective but learning the basic terminology can help you put your preferences into words. With that in mind, the list below explores the four key wine descriptors that are especially relevant to rookie wine tasters:


Sweeter wines are the easiest to enjoy for beginners as the familiar flavours make it universally friendly. If you prefer wines that provide more touches of sweetness, it’s best to look for wines with higher alcohol content as it can boost the sugary perception. Conversely, wines that have little-to-no sweetness are called dry.


Tannin is a compound that you can primarily find in red wine. It tends to leave an astringent feeling as tannin sticks to your teeth and gums after swallowing, which can leave hints of a bitter aftertaste.

Wines with high concentration of tannins may not be the best for beginners as it can be too strong for the palette of new wine drinkers. With that in mind, wines that have lower tannin tend to be softer and goes down the throat smoother.


Different wines have varying acidity levels, which is what gives them distinct crispness and freshness. Most beginners prefer wines with lower acidity as it is less sour, which makes it easier to drink.


The body of the wine is defined by its perceived weight and viscosity. With that in mind, it means that a full-bodied wine describes wine that feels thick. When you swirl it around the glass, it can leave subtle coatings on the side. A light-bodied wine almost feels like water, while medium-bodied wines offer the best of both worlds for those who prefer a balanced sensation when drinking wine.


While it’s easy to differentiate red from white wine based on its taste and colour, understanding the key distinctions will help you identify complex flavours and aromas. This will serve as a guide as you explore the flavorful world of wine tasting, leading you to bottles that meet your preference.

With that in mind, learning wines by their fundamental traits will help you get to know unique details that can make or mar the quality of the wine.

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