Ballerine Winery Trail

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Wine lovers alike? If you are, you must have heard about wine tours and how amazing they are and how much fun people have on them. Well you should know about the most amazing one. Our wine tour to The Bellarine winery trail.

Breathe in the fresh air of the ocean while touring the Bellarine Peninsula with a glass of wine in your hand and the You Yangs as the backdrop.

Venture into the vast surface area under vine and learn from the very passionate owners and cellar door operators as they share the stories and secrets behind their wines.

We pick up guests anywhere within the proximities of the region and take them to them for an experience along the Bellarine winery trail to start their tour. Usually, guests choose the wineries they want to visit but thanks to the proximity of the wineries is not an issue to switch it up a little on the fly and check out something new.

The Bellarine winery trail is one of the most popular destinations in Australia for true wine admirers and for those who aren’t too, as anyone that visits this exhilarating wine region is immersed with the wine production process and the wide range of flavours and aromas that are on offer to stimulate the senses.

Our charming tour guides coupled with the most thriving winemakers that are more than happy to welcome you into their family business will show you around while you learn the history and preparation methods of the most delicious cool climate wines, and of course, you get taste them.

The tour consists of visiting 4 or 5 top wineries within the region such as Bellarine Estate, Laura Park, Scotchman’s Hill, Jack Rabbit Winery, Bennett’s on the Bellarine & Basils farm to mention some.

We offer customized tours where you can relax and have a great time with your partner, friends or family and admire together the stunning vineyards creating memories that will last forever.

According to greek poet Euripides “Where there is no wine there is no love”. And we cannot contradict such artistry. Maybe that’s why wine continues to be one the most consumed beverages in the whole world.

Besides, Australia is the cradle of some of the oldest wines in the world. That’s another reason why you need to book one of our wine tours and visit the most traditional cellars.

These wine cellars are not only places where you can taste and purchase wine. There are restaurants, events, art galleries, exciting excursions, private tastings, personalized attention and gastronomy. All this while you enjoy the most breathtaking bay views.

You can also add some oenological education to your curriculum as you will be able to learn what happens after the grapes are collected, the whole artisanal process and admire the gigantic oak barrels where the wine sits to ferment and take on new and exciting complexities. A truly enriching and fun experience that will make you love wine even more.

It is easy to lose track of time in our guided tasting sessions! Spend an unforgettable day at the Bellarine winery trail, ease your mind and just enjoy this uplifting experience. There is no problem if you get a little tipsy at the end of the tour, we are driving back!

Wilsons Wine Tours create a bespoke experience for our clients, we like to listen to what your ideal day sound like and then craft is accordingly.

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