Geelong and Chardonnay

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Geelong is well known for the many vineyards and wine selection dating back during Victoria Gold Rush in the 1800s. One well-known variety is the chardonnay. This grape has been used to make wines for decades with many people loving the different flavours it brings. The green-skinned grape used in making white wine and sparkling wine.

Chardonnay has a stone fruit profile, think peaches, nectarine, citrus and cantaloupe. People often connect many flavours derived from other influence such as the oak and terroir to the grape. Though originated from Burgundy wine region in eastern France, Chardonnay is grown all over the world. Grapes in the different climatic regions have different flavours and textures. The cool climate in Geelong leads the grape to have a citrus, melon and peach flavour.

Chardonnay in Geelong is one of the best grapes in the region as the locals work hard to make sure
the end result is perfect to make a good wine. They have over the years incorporated different techniques that help bring out the intense complexities and texture of the grape.

The wine experience

There are numerous wineries in Geelong region that produce wines from Chardonnay grape. Most of the producers wine is supplied across Australia and other parts of the world. Many of the wineries in the region are open to visitors who love and appreciate the art of making wines. Visitors get an opportunity to taste different wines, learn about the grapes and at times see the process that makes their favourite wine. A wine tour is a good way to enjoy the beautiful landscape and see wine at its grassroots.

With many wineries in the region, it is hard to know which vineyard is open to guest and which has
the wine selections you want to see. Instead of driving from one vineyard to the next and getting disappointing answers, you can hire a wine tour services that will help guide you and make the wine experience memorable for you.

Wilson Wine Tours Geelong

Wilson wine tour has been in business for over 25 years and counting. They offer good professional
wine tours in Geelong to locals and visitors who are in need of their services. The tours offered to provide you with the opportunity to see the beautiful sceneries and appreciate how the winemaking process has been integrated into the cultures of the community. Since most of
the wineries are still owned by families, you will get to know how they have learned to maintain, grow and brew the finest wines you can find in the region. You will also be able to see and hear the various challenges that come with growing the grapes and the winning making

They offer their clients with a variety of customized tour services depending on your taste, preferences and what your pocket can afford. The tours are a great way to spend a birthday, wedding anniversary or even a party with a friend. Whether you need a tour for two, four, group or a party Wilson wine tours will give you the best of tour services in the region. The tours are so much fun you will wish it never ends.

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