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The frustration of the Mixed Dozen!

Arrghh – I know it all too well, it goes something like this; good wine, ok wine, ok wine, not so okay wine, then; I’m over this box of wine, but I do have some reasonable cooking wine!

There has been many a person that I have talked to about mixed dozens, and this always seems to become the topic of conversation.  “I get one or two good ones, and the rest are ok”.  Buying a mixed case should NOT leave you feeling this way!
I get it!  You will probably NEVER see a $99 mixed dozen on our website for the simple reason; we don’t offer you wines that we wouldn’t drink ourselves!  Quite simply some of those wines just don’t cut it, they don’t provide the depth of flavour and complexity that we seek!  Trust us; we won’t apologise for not having a $99 mixed case of wine.
All the wines that go into our mixed dozens are wines that we stock or have previously stocked and the beauty about a GREAT mixed dozen is the exploration of it all, discovering the differences from a Pinot Gris to a Pinot Grigio – the different viscosity and dryness that you get between these two.  Finding the similarities between a Grenache and Shiraz – yet with certainty, you feel the difference between the weight and the texture of the two wines.
Now I must confess I do love a mixed dozen; I enjoy the variety that you get and the different sensations from the different wines.  It is quite simply a beautiful thing.  Exploring wine through mixed dozens also allows you to find those hidden treasures, you know the wines that just blow you away.  And what blows you away might not blow anyone else away, and that right there is what makes wine special.
Grab a ‘quality’ mixed dozen and let your wine exploring game begin.
Check out the; BLOCK78 – MIXED DOZENS
BLOCK78 - Mixed Dozen

BLOCK78 – Mixed Dozen

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