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When you purchase mixed wine cases online, you are well on your way to what I call the wine exploration journey.

mixed wine cases online
Mixed wine cases online – it’s what we do!

If you are anything like me when it comes to your wine and I can assure you, I love nothing more than drinking fabulous wine, but I also like to be exploring new wines from different regions, there is no better way then to grab a mixed dozen!

When you discover those ‘off the beaten path’ so to speak varieties of wine that aren’t too common, but they probably should be you feel like telling everyone, who has been there? The sense of demi-wine god status “I discovered this wine.”

At Block78 we are the specialists when it comes mixed wine cases online, but why do we do it? Well for some of the reason mentioned above.  Serving great wine is certainly what we are about and when we carefully select the wines to go into a mixed dozen it isn’t a simple case of that lot will do.

mixed wine cases online
This lot would certainly not do!

For us, it is more about taking the time to showcase a bunch of premium wines from different regions, varying price points, different varietals and different producers.

For example; putting together a mixed wine case of Cabernet Sauvignon from different regions and enabling you the client to try Cabernets from Coonawarra, Padthaway, Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale to name just a few. What a practical way of educating one’s self as to which Cabernet Sauvignon style is more favourable for you.

The contrasting result that you get from say a Coonawarra Cabernet vs. a McLaren Vale Cabernet is profound.  Coonawarra invites you in with blackcurrants, mint, herbaceousness and often savoury notes complemented with good tannin structure. McLaren Vale comes across as bold, black forest jam fruits punch through, subtle spice and an equally impressive mouthfeel.

Deciding which one is best for you is sometimes best left to you.  I have personally recommended both of these styles of wine to clients, and it never ceases to amaze me the differing responses I get.

The beauty of wine and it tastes profile is that it is very much a unique experience for each person, one person can love it, and the person next to you can think it is so, so.

If you are looking to buy some mixed wine cases online, then make sure you spend the money to get a good one!

Cheers to your next glass of great wine!

Discover some of our premium mixed cases here – http://block78.wine

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