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As an online supplier of good times we understand what wine can mean to you!

Wine makes any occasion an experience.

The industrious nature of the farmers who continually go about fighting the good fight, defying the harsh Australian elements and everything she throws at them.  Their will to produce quality fruit for the wine makers, so they can craft this magical drink called wine.  After all that the grapes have gone through to end up in your favourite wine drinking glass, ahhhh, let’s be honest, wine really is a simple pleasure in life we should all enjoy.

Year after year the Australian wine industry is producing World Class quality wines that get sent all over the world.  We make sure that some of them get sent to us too, purely for your enjoyment!

Ask yourself these simple questions

  1. How much wine do I drink a week (be honest)
  2. How much money do I spend on wine a week

E.G. 2 x $15 = $30

And over 6 weeks you are spending $180, which is a good investment on yourself!

Now let us take the hassle out of getting your wine each week.  Think, no more getting in and out of the car, no more misguided wine recommendations, no having to look for car parks, no having to get the kids in and out of the car (this last point alone makes me drink wine), no more of any of it.  Just think; Great Wine, Good Times, Delivered.

If you are someone that enjoys two bottles of wine per week then you are a perfect person to join our BlockCrew community and if you only have 1 bottle every two weeks…  You are still a perfect fit, so long as you like wine.


The beauty with wine is it doesn’t go off in 6 weeks, let alone 6 months and in many instances some wine will improve with 6+ years of cellaring

Wouldn’t it just be easier to have it delivered? And rest assured, if you are unhappy with the wine, we are unhappy and we will provide a full refund (T&C’s apply).

It is as simple as this.  Click, Click to make your selections.  Knock, Knock for when the wine arrives.  If you are local like us (Geelong, Bellarine, Surfcoast) delivery is normally within 24 hours.


If you would like some expert advice on your next wine purchase, then please give us a call.  Consider us your well connected personal wine broker

1300 036 046

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