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A lot of people often ask us; “What should I do to store wine correctly?”

Wine storage

Wine storage barrels

To which we reply “The best place to store quality wine is in my belly”

All jokes aside there are some simple things that you should remember when storing your wine and they are as follows:

  1. Temperature/Humidity – constant and if possible between 13 to 17 degrees
  2. Low to no light
  3. No vibration

Applying these three rules to wine storage will ensure that a wine can reach its full cellaring potential.

Now with that being said, if your wines aren’t stored in the above manner it will most likely not have a noticeable adverse effect over the short term, with the exception of temperature control.

There is a term know in the industry that is called bottle shock and wines that are not stored correctly can experience this, however the condition will normally subside.  Bottle shock normally occurs during the making of the wine.

Some easy home storage solutions rather than spending 100’s of $$$ on a wine fridge would be to keep your wine low to the ground, away from heavy foot traffic and somewhere that is not overly exposed to light.  The closet is normally a good place to start.

To elaborate a little more on temperature.  Personally I don’t like keeping my sparkling and white wines stored at ideal consuming temperature.  I feel that chilling them prior to enjoying is the way to go.  Be mindful not to chill these wines too much as all you will do is mute the beautiful flavours.  Find what works best for you.

The closure of so many wines also plays a part in the ageing/cellaring of wine,  cork is more permeable than screw cap / stelvin, thus meaning cork closure wine can age quicker as the wine has more opportunity to breathe.  More on this later.

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