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The Stunning Awatere Valley

The Stunning Awatere Valley

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! Simply the best place in the world to find the best Sauv Blanc.

So it is fair to say that our mates across the ditch know how to make the world’s best Sauv Blanc, (insert controversy here).  New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has even shaped the way we Aussie’s have made our white wine over the past ten or so years.

  • How do they produce these styles of wine with such intensity?
  • Why do I like some New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs and others, not so much?

Let’s embark on this journey that is New Zealand Sauv Blanc, you will be somewhat of an expert amongst your friends once reading this article – thanks to the team at The Wine Bunker, it is fair to say that their combined 30+ years of industry experience put them in the know!

Most of us know that when it comes to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc it pretty much has to come from Marlborough!


Did you also know that there are sub-regions throughout Marlborough?


North (blue); Wairau Valley

South (red); Awatere Valley

Marlborough Map

The Wairau Valley is predominately where it all begun, some 40 odd years ago.  Since the year 2000, the Awatere Valley has developed rapidly.

Now you know where these two regions are, however, we break Wairau Valley up into two regions also so as to illustrate the difference in wine styles and how the terroir plays an influential part as to how your favourite Sauvignon Blanc will taste.

Marlborough Map Detail v1

Starting with the Rapaura region, located on the northern side of Wairau Valley.  Here you get a warmer and wetter climate, the soil profile is essentially dried river bed.

Rapaura Map

These soils are considered in-fertile, (it is hard to imagine anything could grow here).  With the quick draining soil and river bed stones this is what gives the Rapaura Sauvignon Blanc’s their tropical influence, think more passionfruit, pineapple and minerality characteristic with Sauvignon Blanc from here.

The Southern Valleys of the Wairua Valley is where you will find the more traditional style of Sauv Blanc.

Southern Valleys

Already you see the difference in the terroir profile.  Typically you get a more herbaceous style of wine with hints of gooseberries and capsicum.

Lastly the Awatere Valley, the most Southern growing region in Marlborough and without doubt perhaps the most scenic!

NZ Wine

It is almost a combination of the two previous terroir types.

Awatere Terrior

Awatere Valley is arguably the most exposed to the elements (if you have been here before you will understand how windy it can get).  Sauvignon Blanc from here tends be very clean and crisp with a distinct tomato stalk like characteristic.

NB: Many of the wine producers source their grapes from all over Marlborough and will blend from each region to create a style of wine with more depth and flavour.

[Need some Sauv Blanc – click here]

Check out the ‘Sauv Blanc Web’ below to see which style of Sauv Blanc best suits you:

Sauv Blanc Spider Web v2

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – Sub Regional Profile

Sauv Blanc Spider Web

Summary of taste profile

It really is a combination of varying soil types, cool climate (extended ripening periods) and skillful wine-making that allows these Awesome styles of wine to be produced with such variation!

Where from and what will your next Sauv Blanc be?

Some additional facts – courtesy of

  • 23,000 hectares under vine
  • 17,500 is Sauv Blanc
  • 330,000 tonnes of production
  • 2,409 annual average hours of sunshine
  • 655mm annual average of rainfall
  • 150+ wine producers

Cheers to your next glass of Great Wine!

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