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Wine is one of the most pleasurable things, but for you and the next person it can mean something completely different.

For many and sometimes without even knowing it, the ritual that we undertake to consume wine is pretty consistent, generally preceded by the ritual of buying wine which is also pretty consistent?  At The Wine Bunker we get this, our team has over 30 years of experience buying and selling wine throughout Australia, New Zealand and Nth America.

For most people when the need to replenish their wine supplies comes about it generally means a trip to their local bottle shop (which on average is 10 minutes away), on their way home, or it is convenience based – whilst doing the weekly grocery shop.

There is another way!

The Wine Bunker – VIDEO

Call us biased, but we like buying wine the online way. There is just something special about buying wine in your PJ’s!  And not having to get in the car, not having to look for a car park, not having to deal with the hassle of overpriced wine, too much choice and being misguided or even worse not treated like a valued customer!

One thing is for certain, ‘you’ know what you like and more importantly, you know what you don’t like.  Take all the fancy wine words out of the equation – wine is all about you and what you like and how you like to enjoy it – enough said.

  • You know like (insert favourite wine here).
  • You know like it to be around the $15 price range.
  • And you know how you want to feel when the wine hits your lips.

When you have had a good shopping experience and started to enjoy your wine with a good meal or friends and family and that ‘ahhh’ moment kicks in, we believe it starts with the ritual of buying the wine.

At Block78 our goal is to make your ‘buying ritual’ as enjoyable as possible.  The wine should always be GREAT!  And the ‘ahhh’ moments should be plentiful.

How you can buy wine in 90 seconds

What our valued members say about us:

Janelle J – 5 Stars

“Thank you for your outstanding service. I ordered a case of the Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 wine this morning and a couple of hours later it was delivered to my door. The wine tastes sensational and together with your fantastic personalised service, you are my new one stop wine shop. Keep up the brilliant work.”

Danny H – 5 Stars

“These guys deliver on what they promise. Great wines and better prices!  Have now purchased multiple times, all seamless transactions. Would recommend to friends and family.”

Kaye S – 5 Stars

“So pleased to have found you block78 I am enjoying your wines love your prices and appreciate your personal customer service client for life!!”


For any questions please email or call    1300 036 046

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