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If I was ever to be stranded on an island and I could have an endless supply of five things, rest assured chocolate and wine would be in that group.


Easter is just around the corner and without a doubt it is my favourite holiday!  Why?  Well the Easter egg hunt for the kids is always great (I keep trying to tell my wife to hide wine bottles around the house on Easter morning for me), but to be honest it is the opportunity to indulge a little more so on Chocolate and Wine.

So, is there a perfect wine and chocolate combination? 

Do some wines taste better with chocolate?

There is so much to consider, but first things first.  Consider the chocolate, is it straight up plain, flavoured, fruit and nut, which nut, dark, organic.  With so many chocolate options out there and so many wine options out there it seems like there could be endless combinations….  My kind of ‘Real World Problems’ right there!

My preference is toward red wine when it comes to mixing and matching with chocolate, however fortified wine (think Port, Tokay and Muscat) can also be a real winner.  A full flavoured Shiraz from the premium regions such as Barossa Valley, Heathcote and McLaren Vale will surely meet your needs.  Cabernet Sauvignon is also an excellent choice with its elegant flavours and drawn out lingering finish.  Lastly a blend between the two (Shiraz and Cabernet) will do just nicely.

Here would be my top selections from our current selection

Molly’s Cradle Shiraz or Cabernet, both of these wines have some great scores from James Halliday, and you can save a heap of cash on these two.


The Winery Door Shiraz Cabernet, a boutique wine producer out of the McLaren Vale, this blend is nothing short of excellent and great value too!


Chalk Hill Shiraz, another sensational wine out of the McLaren Vale, this is my personal go to wine when it comes to having some chocy.


And this is my other favourite – Pillar Box Padthaway Cab Sauv, this silky smooth, beaut smelling, delicious tasting Cabernet will put me out of business as I keep drinking it for my own enjoyment.  Anyone that has had this wine cannot dispute the sheer quality on offer.


All of these wines are fantastic and they all come with plenty of oomphy deliciousness and I am sure that your next chocolate and wine experience will be sublime with any of these wines.




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