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Wine Tours: What to Expect From Start to Finish

If you’re a wine lover, chances are that going on a winery tour is on your bucket list. It’s the ultimate dream vacation—travelling across the world, driving through scenic roads, and stopping at beautiful vineyards to taste the best wines.  If you’re new to wine tastings, planning an itinerary could be overwhelming. You may want… […]

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Why Wine Tasting Tours Are Good For You – What to Know

Whether you are a beginner or an expert wine connoisseur, going on a wine tasting tour is something that will leave you with many good memories. Imagine being able to swirl some of the best and authentic wines in your glass while looking over a serene and lush vineyard.  There are various wineries that you… […]

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4 Reasons Why Vineyard Visits are Better as a Group

Visiting a vineyard is one of the best activities to try when checking items off your bucket list, satisfying your inner wine connoisseur, or looking to explore spectacular landscapes with some vino in hand. From factory experiences and field walks to wine sampling, there is a variety of different activities that you can enjoy during… […]

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Our Guide to Wine Tasting Etiquette – Our Guide

Wine is a sophisticated drink that contains an extensive spectrum of fruity, tangy, and earthy flavours. The dynamic palette tends to explode in the mouth and coat the taste buds in the most flavoursome way, especially for aficionados who do wine-tasting for a living.  To that end, it’s essential to know the p’s and q’s… […]

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What You Should Prepare for a Winery Tour – Our Guide

Visiting a winery involves a lot more than just tasting wines. You get to feel the cool breeze as you gaze upon rows of vines that have taken over the hills, admiring the beauty of the region. After a long day of learning and sightseeing, you can even relax with a glass of fine red… […]

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Geelong Gin Tour

The explosion of Gin throughout Australia is one that is being welcomed across the land as we embrace this clear spirit with open arms. Long has the stigma been that Gin is an old persons drink or even worse that it causes depression. [GIN TOUR PACKAGES & BOOKING – CLICK HERE] The reality is Gin… […]

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