Who doesn’t peek at their horoscope once in a while? Even the cynical ones are sometimes curious about what the day has in store for them. While there is no telling whether our destiny is actually written in the stars, we can always have one thing to count on—wine. And of course, for the wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, pairing wine based on your zodiac sign is an interesting adventure.

Aquarius (Water Bearer)

Your Wine: Organic, Natural, and Unfined Wine

Known as people who like to think outside the box, the Aquarians are incredibly innovative and unpredictable. They feel a deep connection with the Earth and the natural world, and their immense brainpower and eccentric personality make a perfect pairing to the biodynamic, organic, and otherwise “natural wine” that is made and blended in conjunction with the balance of nature and moon cycles. This kind of offbeat wine is not for everybody, but Aquarians know that this wine is a winner by itself—kind to the planet as well as to their palate.

Capricorn (Sea-Goat)

Your Wine: Zinfandel

Capricorn’s motto is “work hard, play hard.” With its sweet but surprisingly alcoholic taste, Zinfandel is the perfect wine for people under the Capricorn zodiac. This is best for an evening cocktail for unwinding and relaxing after a long busy work week.

Libra (Scales)

Your Wine: Riesling

As their symbol represents, people under the zodiac sign of Libra thrive for balance and equality. Where one finds balance, one finds beauty. It is their mission to find the perfect equilibrium in all aspects of life and spend most of their time in zen-like contemplations. And no other wine is as notoriously as perfectly balanced as Riesling—acidic and sweet.

Virgo (The Maiden)

Your Wine: Gruner Veltliner

Virgos believe that you should not fix something that is not broken. They are your typical traditionalists—through and through. They like to keep things simple, pure, and direct, and they tend to be a perfectionist. As such, they enjoy the straightforward, sharp, and crisp minerality of Gruner Veltliner—citrusy and bright, perfect to be paired with Asian cuisines.

Sagittarius (Archer)

Your Wine: Teran

One of the best qualities of Sagittarius is that they love connecting with people; they are happy to go with the flow and are always positive about every experience they encounter. This Slovenian wine’s unique aroma and flavour are perfect for them. Teran is big-bodied, with a hint of iron and with a gamey plum flavour—it’s the wine you have never tried before.

Leo (Lion)

Your Wine: Champagne

Leos are dignified, decisive, and romantic, and all ready for the spotlight. No other wine is perfect than a glass of bubbly—best suited for their outgoing personality.

Scorpio (Scorpion)

Your Wine: Syrah

Scorpions are known to keep things simple and straightforward. Extremely motivated, sometimes self-destructive, but super passionate, Scorpions are best paired with a glass of Syrah. Just like Scorpions, this tannin-packed dark wine is robust.

Gemini (Twin)

Your Wine: Chenin Blanc

Routines bore Geminis to death, and they want to experience the best life has to offer. It is also ideal that Geminis are paired with a glass of wine as versatile as their tastes, such as Chenin Blanc. This wine tastes refreshing as a dry or sweet wine, and its honey, orange blossom, and apple flavour complement well with everything from sushi to pork chops.

Aries (Ram)

Your Wine: Viognier

People born under the sign of Aries are outgoing, occasionally slightly superior individual, and sophisticated—they like to be the centre of attention. The honeyed, floral tones, lots of softness and elegance, and the bold, well-bodied character of Viognier are perfect for them. This is the complete life and soul of all parties, just like any Aries.

Taurus (Bull)

Your Wine: Barolo

Taurus likes to enjoy the finer things in life—they understand that you can’t rush perfection. This old-world wine is perfect for the Taurus people. Also often called “King of Wines,” Barolo is stored for three years before being sold in the market, which brings out its fruity, spicy flavour.

Pisces (Fish)

Your Wine: Pinot Grigio

Known as a bit of a dreamer, a bit of a hopeless romantic, and a whole lot of an artist, Pisces makes a perfect pair with Pinot Grigio. Whether they like taking the prettiest Instagram photos or painting, nothing gets their creative juices flowing quite like a glass of this dry white wine.

Cancer (Crab)

Your Wine: Malbec

Malbec, known for its fruity flavour and easy-to-drink taste, is a real crowd-pleaser, just like someone born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Making everyone feel happy and welcome is what they all care about, making this wine perfect for them.

So the next time you grab that bottle of wine, check out your zodiac and try these pairings. You will definitely enjoy every sip.

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