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Geelong Wine Tours

Winter Warming Wine Tours

Since time immemorial, winter has been the best time to take a vacation due to a number of factors. Some being just to find the best wineries and take a Winter wine tour. For all the wine lovers in the world, taking a Winter warming wine tour is probably the best way to spend some time in Winter warming up with a nice warm welcoming cellar door experience. One of the reasons is that you get more attention during your vacation due to the less traffic of people. The roads are quieter, the tourist attractions are less congested, and the best wineries have fewer people visiting. For the lovers of wine, visiting the wineries and vineyards you get an awesome winery experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should take a winter warming wine tour.


It is affordable.

Taking a wine tour during the winter season is not only the best idea, but also very affordable. This is because you and your family or friends simply get discounts in almost every deal. You will get discounted hotel rates, lower air tickets and the wineries always have deals going on their wines. During the winter, almost everything is at its lowest, hence this makes it easy for tourists who can get pocket-friendly winter wine tours.

The winter atmosphere.

Although the cold can keep the non-adventures indoors for the cooler months, we encourage you to rug up and get out and about and enjoy the delicious soul warming red wine that is on offer. Imagine, you and your friends in the warmth of a cellar door enjoy some of the countries finest examples of Pinot Noir and cool climate Shiraz as you share stories. And, lets not forget that Chardonnay thrives throughout the Geelong Region too

Legendary winter vineyards.

During the winter, even if the grape fruit is not in season due to the chilly weather, the vineyards are always open to give you that winery tour experience. The memories to be made in the vineyards during your winter warming tours are simply magical. The highlight is when you get the opportunity to taste the palatable red wine as you are taken round the vineyard with your own personal tour-guide due to the fewer guests. That is why a winter wine tour is the best to warm up your vacation.

There are no crowds.

When you take advantage of the winter season and make most of the lower rates, being off-season, there are less visitors visiting the wineries. This is because most of the tourists prefer to take their vacations during the warmer months. This is the best time to take a wine tour due to the less crowded wineries.

You enjoy the best red wines.

Not to discriminate against the white wine lovers, but just as a matter of fact, during winter is the best time to take a wine tour due to the availability in plenty of the best red wines. The grapes are in season then and the wine made is simply world-class in terms of taste.
In conclusion, have some fun and book yourself some winter warming wine tour and make memories to last a lifetime!


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