4 Tips for a Fun and Memorable Wine Tasting Experience – Our Guide


For wine lovers and those who want to explore wines for the first time, going on a wine tasting tour is one of the most wonderful activities to enjoy. This is a tour where you have the opportunity to visit various vineyards and have a taste of what they have to offer.  For someone who… […]

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What to Know about a Wine Tour for First-Timers – Our Guide

a vineyard in a country side

Travelling is one of the most exciting ways to meet people and learn about different places, food, or culture. Going on a wine tour, in particular, is an excellent way to combine all three aspects. However, if you haven’t been on a wine tour before, you may not know much about it or even what… […]

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4 Reasons Why a Bottle of Wine Is a Must-Have for Valentine’s Day – What to Know

red wine with a bow on it

With Valentine’s just right around the corner, chances are that you might find yourself scrambling to put a perfect dinner date plan together. You’ve picked out the perfect place to dine in on Friday night, found the perfect gift to give, and put together a wonderful outfit that’s bound to make your partner swoon and… […]

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Our Guide to Understanding a Bottle of Wine’s Aroma – What to Know

adult beautiful blur close up smelling wine

“A ‘pie crust’ aroma” “Smooth aromas from this red cabernet sauvignon” “This crisp sauvignon blanc has a remarkably crisp aroma!” Whether you’re a vino aficionado that can taste every detail in a serving of red or someone who simply enjoys a glass a day, the aroma of any bottle of wine plays a significant role… […]

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Our Guide to Wine Tasting & Finding Your Perfect Wine – What to Know

red wine glasses and wine bottle

Whether you are an experienced wine taster or a newbie, wine tasting events are always a great way to get yourself acquainted with wine varieties and determine what you like or don’t like. They are also a perfect opportunity to try new wines without having to spend on a bottle, only to find out in… […]

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The Best Meat & Wine Pairings for Your BBQ Celebrations – Our Guide

BBQ meat on a plate

Nothing tastes like summer more than a quintessential barbecue, an American staple that makes the classic apple pie a run for its money. Crafted beers are often the go-to pairing for the grilled feast; however, you can elevate your backyard meat-smoking manifesto by pairing it with a glass of wine.  From bargain-priced bubbly to luxurious… […]

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